Making Mismatched Chairs Look Good at Your Dining Table

Learn how to elevate your dining space with mismatched chairs. Expert advice on unifying elements, color palettes, and chair styles for a captivating and personalized dining area.

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  • Published on September 21, 2023

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    If you want to spice up your dining space with some variety and flair, you can try using different chairs around your dining table. This will give your dining area a more interesting and personal touch, as well as showcase your style and taste.

    However, mixing and matching chairs is not as easy as it sounds. You need to find the right balance between contrast and cohesion to make sure your chairs look harmonious and not chaotic.

    You will want to pay attention to some aspects to make your dining area look more fun and livelier.


    • Here are Some Tips From the Experts on how to Make Mismatched Chairs Look Good at Your Dining Table:
      • Choose a Unifying Element
      • Stick to a Color Palette
      • Balance and Proportion
      • Consider a Bench or Bar Stool
      • Head and End Chairs
      • Look at the Legs of the Chairs
      • Experiment With Styles
      • Seat Cushions
      • Accessorize
      • Personalize and Customize
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    Here are Some Tips From the Experts on how to Make Mismatched Chairs Look Good at Your Dining Table:

    1. Choose a Unifying Element

    To ensure a cohesive look, select a common element that connects the different styles of the chairs. This could be a specific colour, material, style, or shape. You could choose chairs with the same colour upholstery or chairs that all have wooden legs.

    Pick a style or theme that suits your taste before you mix and match different items. It can be a modern, rustic, vintage, or Scandinavian style, for example. Stay away from mixing styles that are incompatible, such as a clear plastic chair with a wooden chair.

    Match the chairs with the room decor and style. If you have a minimalist or contemporary room, you can use sleek and simple chairs. If you have a more traditional or rustic room, you can use more ornate or cosy chairs.

    1. Stick to a Color Palette

    If you're going for a colourful mix, stick to a specific colour palette. This can help create a harmonious look even with diverse chair designs. Alternatively, you can opt for different shades of the same colour for a more subtle effect.

    You can either use a neutral palette like white, black, grey, or beige, or add some pops of colour, such as blue, green, yellow, or red. Remember that the colours should complement each other and the table.

    Colour matches the chairs with some other elements in the room, such as a rug, a wall art, or a centrepiece. This will enhance cohesion in the space.

    1. Balance and Proportion

    Pay attention to the balance and proportion of the chairs. Make sure they're similar in height and size so that they don't look awkward together. You can mix different styles, but they should have a visual balance.

    1. Consider a Bench or Bar Stool

    To anchor your mismatched chairs, consider using a bench on one side of the table. This can generate an integrated look and provide a contrasting element to the chairs. Place chairs on one side of the table and a bench on the opposite side for a cosy and casual look.

    bar stool with a backrest is also a nice addition to consider. It provides your dining table with extra seating or a more relaxed feel. You can coordinate it with your dining chairs by matching the colour, shape, or material, or you can contrast it for a more eclectic look.

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    1. Head and End Chairs

    Use matching chairs or statement chairs at the head and end of the table. This creates a focal point and brings some order to the eclectic mix of chairs.

    Choose a set of chairs that are similar but not identical for a subtle mismatched look. For instance, you can use chairs that have different back designs but the same seat design.

    1. Look at the Legs of the Chairs

    They can make a big difference in the overall look of the dining area. You can either match the legs of the chairs with the table legs or contrast them for a more dynamic effect. This will add some visual interest. 

    1. Experiment With Styles

    Don't be afraid to experiment with different chair styles. Combining modern and vintage can result in an interesting contrast.

    Mix and match chairs from the same design style or era to create a consistent aesthetic. You could, for example, use mid-century modern dining chairs made of wood.

    Wood is always a good idea for mismatched chairs as it adds warmth and texture to any dining area, and it goes well with any kind of table.

    However, any material will do the trick as long as it works well with the table and the style. Whether wood, metal, fabric, leather, or plastic chairs are suitable if they can help you achieve the look you desire.

    You can also mix different materials like wood and metal, or fabric and leather. But don't add too much variety to the chairs. Stick to two or three types of chairs at most, and pick chairs that have some common elements, such as shape, size, height, or leg design.

    1. Seat Cushions

    Another option is to use seat cushions or chair pads that have a common colour or pattern to make your chairs look more coherent. This can aid in creating a more symmetrical look and make the diverse chairs feel more integrated.

    1. Accessorize

    Use the right table accessories to tie the look of the chairs together. Coordinating table settings can help create a sense of unity. Maybe choose tablecloths that match the colour or theme of your chair covers.

    Another way is to add some flair to your tables by using centrepieces that reflect your style, mood, or occasion. Whether you opt for flowers, candles, fruits, or something else, make sure they complement the overall look of your dining space.

    1. Personalize and Customize

    If you're feeling creative, consider personalizing or customizing a mid-century dining chair in your set. You can paint it along with the other chairs in coordinating colours, modify them, or add unique details to make them your own.

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    Combining diverse chairs in your dining room decor can be a delightful and gratifying design endeavour. In the end, you don't actually need to be constrained by any fixed rules. Just rely on your instinct and have fun exploring different possibilities until you uncover a look that you love.


    Q1: How can I make mismatched dining chairs look cohesive?
    Choose a unifying element, stick to a color palette, and pay attention to balance and proportion.
    Q2: Should I match the legs of my dining chairs with the table?
    You can either match or contrast chair legs with the table for visual interest, depending on your style.
    Q3: What's the importance of head and end chairs in a dining setup?
    Head and end chairs create focal points and order among mismatched chairs, adding symmetry and style.
    Q4: Can I mix different chair materials like wood and metal?
    Yes, mixing materials can work if there are common elements like shape or size among the chairs.
    Q5: How can I personalize my dining chairs to make them unique?
    Get creative by painting, modifying, or adding unique details to one or more chairs to reflect your personal style.

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