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You might be surprised by the need to replace your chairs after several years. Just like all other comfort gear and equipment, office chairs need replacement because it does not serve you well holistically unlike how it was when it was just purchased. Chairs do wear out. You should replace your chair if it is clearly worn out since you don't want your room or office to seem ugly through its rugged and shabby look. Worn-out and torn conditions of your swivel chair desk or any kind of ergonomic chairs you have for your office and work desks have a strong influence on your posture in addition to the chair's appearance. On the other hand, office chairs also have some major parts which decrease their functions after some years of use and will cause you discomfort, pain, and poor performance.


  • Understanding the Longevity of an Office Chair
  • How the Functions decrease their Capacity
  • Fabric Chairs Desk
  • Leather Chairs Desk
  • Mesh Chair Desks
  • Choosing the Best Desk Chair for you
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Understanding the Longevity of an Office Chair

The office chair desks are important aspects to help us stay pain-free and comfortable throughout our demanding workweeks. These seats should stay and remain holistically supportive of our ergonomic needs since we usually stay on them for about 40 to 45 hours per week. Hence, it might be crucial to understand that office chair desks have lifespans to prevent injuries and ensure that you are receiving a decent return on investment. In this article, we will examine the durability of each type of office chair and provide you with some great recommendations on how to make yours last longer too. Meanwhile, most office chairs last between 7 to 8 years.

How the Functions decrease their Capacity

There is no such thing as the best desk chair because anything can be the best desk chair. There are different swivel chair desks to choose from depending on the need and requirements of your work pattern. Selecting the most comfortable desk chair can vary depending on the materials, build, and designs. If your nature of work is dynamic and needs more running to do, swivel chairs are the best for you. It turns 360 degrees and it can also transport through its wheels, these kinds of chairs are the most common chairs used in offices. Thus, other kinds of chairs including Executive chairs, ergonomic desk chairs, gaming chairs, armless chairs, and conference chairs are made from leather, mesh, or fabric.

Nonetheless, whichever material the chair desk is made from, it is always prone to damage such as scratches, stretches, and even disassembling from the whole chair structure composition. And this phenomenon will:

  • Make the chair hard and feel uneven which makes the lumbar feel distorted when seated and
  • The backrest will also feel unequal which can disrupt the bones' posture.
  • Furthermore, the foam or cushions underneath the chair desk can be flattened or lose its volume after several years of carrying the user's weight making it a reason to cause pressure on the spine and pelvic bones.

This is a normal incident that can happen even to the most comfortable desk chairs therein. Here is the life span of different major swivel chair desks:

Fabric Chairs Desk

These chairs have a long lifespan and can provide a strong return on investment because of their durability. Although it holds up well to everyday use because its external material is intact and compact which resists stretching pressures, it can quickly age because the woven fabric strands can get thinner and thinner. Office chairs with fabric upholstery are susceptible to tearing or developing sunken-looking spots. Fabric or upholstered swivel ergonomic desk chair truly retain their new-looking appeal because they can be washed. Thus, chairs with these materials can live up to 8 years when cared for properly. These chairs are mostly cozy and in compact cushion texture because it is bouncy and volumized.

Leather Chairs Desk

Leather office chairs can be the best desk chair option if you want a piece of luxurious and longer-lasting seating furniture. Compared to fabric-material chairs, leather is formulated to resist stretches through its breathable and invisible pore surfaces. It is made not to be too attached to its foam or cushion to give some air circulation. Thus, this makes the chair feel softer but some leather materials can be too hard and thick. This makes leather chairs more durable and bouncy. A leather chair may also be kept supple and flexible for a longer period of time by treating it with oils. Some of these kinds of chairs can even last more than 10 years, especially those that are well-maintained.

Mesh Chair Desks

Chairs made of mesh are not as sturdy as their counterparts. Mesh will start to sag more quickly than other fabrics and coverings, despite their streamlined shape being fantastic for ventilation and making the chair lightweight. The level of comfort may be sacrificed if you choose a mesh chair with more durability. On the other hand. Mesh chairs especially mesh material backrests are truly comfortable and lightweight giving ease and less pressure to the back. But it does not provide lumbar support. These chairs can only last from 6 to 7 years minimum if not overly used.

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Choosing the Best Desk Chair for you

Unless you are sure that you are going to sit all day throughout the day in your desk chair, Choose the leather-made highly-cushioned leather ergonomic swivel chair. If you have a workload of paperwork and checking documents on your desk, a leather chair gives the best backrest because of its supple texture and soft surface. Thus, it is also cooler in temperature and smooth. Most executive chairs have armrests that also have cushion supports adding to their comfortable nature. Sitting on this desk chair for 8 to 10 years will always bring out your best performance.

Thus, if your workload requires more collaboration with your colleagues or doing loco-motor actions such as reaching objects and printers, fabric-material desk chairs are more recommended. Since these chairs can last only up to 7 to 8 years, your friction will not create too much pressure on their surface. Mesh-made chairs are perfect for routines that only let you sit for a short amount of time and do other things away from your desk. 


How long do office chairs typically last?
Most office chairs last between 7 to 8 years.
How does the capacity of office chair functions decrease over time?
Over time, office chair functions can decrease due to factors such as scratches, stretches, and disassembling of the chair structure. This can make the chair feel uneven, disrupt the bones' posture, and cause pressure on the spine and pelvic bones.
What is the lifespan of fabric chairs?
Fabric chairs can last up to 8 years when cared for properly. While they are durable and resistant to stretching pressures, the woven fabric strands can become thinner over time, and the chairs may be susceptible to tearing or developing sunken-looking spots.
How long do leather chairs typically last?
Leather office chairs, if well-maintained, can last more than 10 years. Leather is formulated to resist stretches and can remain supple and flexible for a longer period of time. Treating leather chairs with oils can help maintain their longevity.
What is the lifespan of mesh chairs?
Chairs made of mesh can typically last from 6 to 7 years. While they offer ventilation and lightweight features, the mesh material may start to sag more quickly compared to other fabrics. However, mesh chairs can provide comfort and are suitable for routines that involve shorter periods of sitting and other activities away from the desk.

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