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When chairs get broken in case of an accident or when they have been used for a long time, however, when the chair gets damaged, it does not mean it can't be used again. For instance, if the leg of your chair is broken at home, you should first think of how to fix it before disowning it. If you know how to fix it, you will realize that it is the simplest way to maintain your chairs in perfect condition. You will never get worried when any of your chairs get broken again. It is worth researching to perfectly learn how to fix the leg of your accent chair.


  • Let me Take you Through the Steps Toward Fixing a Leg of your Living Room Accent Chair
    • Step one: Begin by accessing the broken part
    • Step Two: Start the repair
    • Step three: Include a Glue
    • Step four: Drilling process
    • Step five: Fix the broken part
    • Step six: Use Wood and Sand filler
  • Conclusion
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Let me Take you Through the Steps Toward Fixing a Leg of your Living Room Accent Chair

Step one: Begin by accessing the broken part

This is the first step that makes you understand the level of damage in the chair. Most of the repair principles and practices work in any level of damage. You will only have to choose which principle will work best according to the level of damage in your chair. So, provided the chair has a broken dowel, it can be repaired easily. At this point, conduct a reasonable inspection of the damaged parts to help you identify the parts that need repair. Sometimes, you might think the chair is significantly damaged. However, after inspecting it well, you realize that only the screws have loosened. In such a case, you will tighten the screws and let the chair regain its firm condition. 

When you are doing the inspection, make not to ensure you identify all the damaged parts. When you finish your inspection, you should provide all the broken or damaged parts of the well-repaired chair. Even if you realize some damages are beyond your repair, consider hiring another expert to help you carry out the exercise. 

Step Two: Start the repair

If you have identified the damaged part to be broken after inspection, you can start the fixing process. Begin by drilling some bits on the leg to the rescue. You will need to equip yourself with three drill bits or different capacities when drilling. You will also include a countersink in the exercise which will help you hide the screw head. Before using the countersink, test it to ensure it hides the screw head perfectly. 

Step three: Include a Glue

After you have drilled the broken part with a screw, it's essential to add glue to the damaged part. However, if the glue is unavailable, you might omit this step. The screw always does everything and can be trusted in the repair exercise, even if no glue is added. When you decide to use glue, you will have to begin by removing the old glue you can see from the damaged part. A new glue only sometimes sticks to a layer of old glue. Therefore, adding glue to the damaged part with old glue will be meaningless. 

Step four: Drilling process

When drilling, ensure the countersink is located right in the centre of the broken leg. You should also check to see if the screw head can get into the countersink. At this point, ensure the counter sink is perfectly deep and has some cover space. The space will help you in covering the head of the screw. Ensure you drill through the countersink centre hole with another drill bit. The drill should move through the broken dowel and the leg. The drilled hole should be perfect enough to help guide the screw inside the broken parts. 

Modren Accent Chair

Step five: Fix the broken part

Use the third drill bit to line up beside the leg of the chair. You can then mark the legs' depth using green tape. When you drill into the leg alone and leave out the dowel, the screw will move freely in the leg. It will not have to grip onto any other wood. The screw will continue moving until its threads meet the stretcher where the other hole was drilled. When the thread meets the hole, it will grip it to close the hole. You need to be keener in this step to help ensure the two pieces fit perfectly. 

When the holes are perfectly drilled and match each other effectively, you can now remove the C-clamp that you used to line up the two pieces of the broken leg. You should remove the C-clamp after screwing and the damaged part by glueing it. You can then use a pipe clamp to help you support the repaired parts as it dries up and becomes firm. 

Step six: Use Wood and Sand filler

The screw used to repair the broken part should be hidden., you can achieve this by using wood filler. The wood filler is always active for a short time, about ten minutes. For this reason, you need to work with it quickly to ensure it is efficiently used. You can apply the wood filler using a putty knife until the entire hole is perfectly fixed. After applying the wood filler, you need to wait thirty minutes for the filler to dry up and become firm. You can use sandpaper to sand around the damaged area. Ensure the screw head is perfectly sanded with the paper to become smooth. When the damaged area is well-sanded, it will become perfectly smooth. This will make it possible for you to paint the broken chair in whichever way you want. 

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Fixing the broken part of your accent chair should be OK with you if you own one modern accent chair at home. Following my tips in this article, you can fix and repair broken chairs freely at home without hiring an expert. Remember, there are different ways in which the damaged parts of a chair may be repaired. However, only some of the procedures will be efficient and successful. Some procedures may mislead you and cause more damage to the chair, while others may help you. Therefore, by researching this blog, you are more assured of learning the most effective way of repairing your broken accent chairs at home to make them gain their perfect condition. However, if you fail to understand the repair procedure effectively, consider inviting a friend or an expert carpenter.

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