How to clean a leather lounge chair

Before you begin cleaning the chair, you must assemble some materials to assist you during the cleaning process.

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  • Published on March 29, 2023

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    Leather chairs are the best quality chairs in the furniture industry today. The leather materials used in making the chairs are what make the chairs durable. Compared to other materials, leather is the most qualified for making clothes, car interiors, and other accessories. Even though leather is the best when choosing materials, it requires some essential maintenance. The maintenance practices are geared towards ensuring the material is in its top condition to last the expected lifespan. For this reason, here are what to consider when regularly cleaning and maintaining your leather lounge chair. Before you begin cleaning the chair, you must assemble some materials to assist you during the cleaning process.


    • The Leather Cleaning Materials
    • Cleaning Steps
      • Step one: Vacuum the leather lounge chair
      • Step two: Tackle the stains
      • Step three: Dry your leather lounge chair
      • Step four: Use Cleaners
      • Step five: Remove Excess Cleaner
      • Step six: Allow the chair to dry up
    • Conclusion
    • FAQs
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    The Leather Cleaning Materials

    You will first need to assemble the following materials to use when cleaning the lounge chair;

    A leather cleaner that comes with a leather conditioner. This can be the:

    • leather milk chamberlain. 
    • Mild dish soap
    • Baking soda
    • Microfiber cloths can be two or three, depending on how you want to operate them.
    • A drying rug

    Cleaning Steps

    After assembling the materials mentioned above, you will need to follow the step below; The steps I take you through are purely for use in leather lounge chairs; for this reason, there are some precautions you need to adhere to. They include avoiding harsh chemicals in cleaning, including leather shoe polish and alcohol. Such chemicals are not intended for use in a leather lounge chair. The use of such chemicals may lead to damage to the chair or cause some unexpected problems for you. With that in mind, follow the steps below to clean your chair;

    Step one: Vacuum the leather lounge chair

    Begin your cleaning process by vacuuming your leather lounge to remove any crumbs. In case of any lingering dust in the leather, consider dusting it even though it may not be much necessary. Remember, the leather is easy to clean and does not resemble an unupholstered sofa. The upholstered sofa is known to be very porous, making it much more challenging to clean. Remember to vacuum its undersides in case your lounge chair is made of removable cushions. 

    Step two: Tackle the stains

    After vacuuming the leather, it's time to tackle its stain and ensure you remove every sticking dirt from your chair. Dip a clean cloth in a bowl containing warm water at this stage. Ensure the water is reasonably warm, with a temperature favorable for your hands. The water should also be mixed with dish soap before dipping the cloth. Remove the cloth, then wring it to drain the water so that it looks damp, not wet. Rub the stain with the dump cloth circling the area until all the stains come out. When rubbing, you need to rotate the stain with the cloth. Refrain from rubbing the stain back and forth; such practice causes faster wear and tear of your leather material. This will harm the surface of your leather, making it less durable than expected. In case the stain appears to be of grease, consider using a baking soda together with a dry and clean cloth when absorbing it. 

    Step three: Dry your leather lounge chair

    Because water is known to cause the weakening of the leather material, remember to dry the sofa after removing the stains. Also, you must use a dump cloth instead of a wet one when cleaning. When drying the leather, don't let it dry on its own by putting it outside the sun. Instead, use a dry rug to dry the chair, starting from the upper side and moving down. This practice is especially for chairs with both the bottom and the top covered with leather material. 

    Step four: Use Cleaners

    After removing the dirt and stains, it's time to break down and use the leather cleaners. The preferred cleaners help break down dirt and highly sticky stains into manageable ones. They will remove all the stains and dirt to make your leather chair gain its top condition and look brand new again. You might find some cleaners containing both conditioner and cleaners. When using them, always spray the cleaner into a piece of cloth and use it to clean the chair. Never spray it directly on the chair as they may leave some pray marks on the leather material. 

    Use the sprayed cloth to swipe the material-covered parts of the chair, including the nooks, edges, and crannies. Ensure you start wiping from top to bottom in case the chair is covered with leather from top to bottom. This will help you prevent the remains of uneven polish marks on the chair's surface. 

    Step five: Remove Excess Cleaner

    When you are done cleaning, remove all the traces of cleaner before you start conditioning the chair. Use your preferred conditioner, a bottle form, or spray, and put a small amount into a clean cloth. The use of the conditioners is very grateful for your chair as they contain some special oils which make your chair look fresh. The oils also make the chair stay moisturized and have a phenomenal smell. 

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    Step six: Allow the chair to dry up

    After applying the conditioner, allow the chair to dry up on its own, which may take about one hour. This will ensure that the products used to seep in perfectly and that the oils do not get into your cloth, as it is unsuitable. When the chair dries up, the leather material will look new and in top condition, as if you had just brought it from the shop. 

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    When you regularly clean your leather lounge chairs, renewing and refreshing the leather material is the best practice. For this reason, the leather material will always look new and in top condition. It will also make the chair last many years when still in perfect condition. When I say regular maintenance, it does not mean daily. For light-colored leather chairs, consider cleaning them every six years. As for dark-colored leather, consider cleaning it once a year and maintaining its top condition. By going through the steps in the article, cleaning your leather will no longer be stressful.


    Q1: How should I clean and maintain my leather lounge chair?
    To clean and maintain your leather lounge chair, you should vacuum it, tackle any stains using warm water and dish soap, dry it with a cloth, use leather cleaners, remove excess cleaner, and allow it to dry.
    Q2: Can I use harsh chemicals like leather shoe polish or alcohol to clean my leather lounge chair?
    No, you should avoid using harsh chemicals like leather shoe polish or alcohol to clean your leather lounge chair as they can cause damage to the chair.
    Q3: What materials do I need to clean my leather lounge chair?
    To clean your leather lounge chair, you will need a leather cleaner with a conditioner, mild dish soap, baking soda, microfiber cloths, and a drying rug.

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