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Many folks are familiar with tables and chairs as the typical furniture found in a dining room. 

However, beyond just eating and drinking, there's a need to have other standard furniture in the dining room that serves as storage or a space to display decorative items. A sideboard is one piece of furniture that can perfectly serve that purpose. 

A sideboard is one of the many pieces of furniture found in the home, especially in the dining room. It is mostly higher than other dining table pieces, but that's not to say there are no lower styles. Sideboards mainly comprise wood. 

Modern sideboards come in different shades other than the typical wood color. Among other uses for sideboards, they are helpful as top surfaces for serving food. Other than the dining area, you can have them in the hallway or entryway. You can use them for storage or decorative purposes.

Determining the correct size of sideboards for your dining room can be challenging. No matter the size they come in, you should go for a cabinet sideboard that is commensurate with the extent of your dining area. 

This blog post provides valuable guidelines on how tall a sideboard should be and answer some frequently asked sideboard questions.

What's The Standard Height Of A Sideboard

A sideboard is typically between 34 and 36 inches high with an average depth of 20 and 22 inches. That is the standard height that makes serving food on its top convenient. 

With this height, the sideboards are slightly higher when compared to your dining table and other dining room pieces. That is a better outlook when you view your entire dining area.

As for the length, sideboards are usually about 60 inches long. That's almost the same size as most dining tables, so the sideboard appears proportionate with them.

It would be best to allow a space of 24 inches between a sideboard and other dining room furniture. That is good for the appropriate circulation of air in the dining area. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sideboard Furniture

Are There Any Limitations On Sideboard Sizes

Sideboards are very functional in dining rooms. They are an excellent place to display decorative china wares and other items. 

The only limitation some homeowners may face is that the compartments may need to be bigger to display large decorative items. The length of sideboards being 36 inches is also a problem for smaller dining rooms as there may need to be more room to contain one in such small spaces. A small sideboard will be a better option for smaller rooms.

Is A Sideboard The Same As A Console

Some persons may mistake a console for a sideboard or interchange their names. However, there is a difference between these two furniture items. 

Another way to refer to a sideboard is as a buffer, not a console. When used in the kitchen, it's known as a kitchen sideboard. 

Solid wood sideboards typically come with drawers and compartments for storing dishes and other items. You can position them against the wall in the dining room. The top part of the sideboard is valuable when serving food during large gatherings and displaying decorative objects.

Conversely, a console is a table better classified as a shelf. It is usually shorter than and not as wide as a sideboard. A console also doesn't have any drawers like a sideboard. 

Even though some persons might use a console for the same purposes as a sideboard, you mostly need them in living rooms and entrances as furniture for displaying decorative items.

Curved SideboardSideboard Storage

What Can You Store Inside A Sideboard

Sideboards have shelves and drawers with which you can store items. They are instrumental in homes that need a place to store china wares. Other homeowners use it to store their most precious dishware, which they use only on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and occasional family gatherings. Should sideboard matche dining table?

They keep these wares on the sideboard, separate from their everyday dishes and cups. That way, they can preserve their uniqueness without damaging them.

A sideboard is also an excellent place to store valuable silverware. These can perfectly fit into the sideboard's drawer compartments. In these drawers, you can conveniently store items like serving spoons, expensive utensils, and cake servers.

During special family dinners and get-togethers, you can use the sideboard's tabletop as a buffet table where you set your large serving bowls and other wares. Your guests can help with their meals when they go to the sideboard corner. 

You can also keep your dining table less clustered by keeping idle dishes on the sideboard tabletop during meals. 

At other times when there's no dinner, you can keep any treasured decorative piece on the sideboard tabletop.

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Can You Place A TV On A Sideboard

You can place your TV on the sideboard as a TV stand. That, however, depends on how big your TV is. Notwithstanding the size, sideboards are usually heavier and wider than regular TV stands, so your TV will be as secure as you wish if you place it on the sideboard. 

You can also use the sideboard drawers to store DVDs, video games, and Blu-rays. You must, however, bear in mind that using the sideboard as a TV stand will require more room than a regular TV stand would. It may not be a great idea if your living room is small. 

Can You Place A Sideboard In The Living Room

The sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture. Though primarily used in the dining room, you can use it in other parts of the house, including the living room, for different purposes. As discussed above, you can use it as a TV stand in the living room. 

You can also use it as a console table because they have ample space for storage and display.

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Can You Place A Sideboard In The Bedroom

Yes, you can use the sideboard in any room in the house. You can use it for storing vanity items, books, and jewelry boxes. The drawers are perfect for keeping your balls and bats. 


Sideboards are very useful in the different parts of the house. Their heights are perfect for storing precious wares and displaying your expensive collections. You can also move it to serve other purposes in different locations. 

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