Evoke Warmth and Enhance Hospitality With These Stylish Fire Pits

Fire pits provide both heat and light for your outdoor nights, as you gather outdoors with family and friends.

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  • Published on April 11, 2023

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    At the end of a busy day, it's natural for all of us to want to banish the busyness of our workdays and household chores with an immersive experience that transports our souls.

    One of the best ways to do that is with an outdoor fire pit. Fire pits began trending a few years ago, and their popularity has continued to grow. Fire pits provide both heat and light for your outdoor nights, as you gather outdoors with family and friends.


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    • A Safe Path in Winter
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    A fire pit casts a mesmerizing glow from its centre that enchants you as you bask in its comforting heat. Fire pits emit just enough heat to banish the chill of the evening. When its fire is lit, all eyes are drawn to the animated plumes of its orange flames. As the spell of the fire pit takes hold, those gathered with you become lulled by the soft flickering of each talon of flame. Whatever music you choose to play takes on another dimension as the visual and tactile effects of the fire pit add a layer of the enchantment of their own.

    If you'd like to enjoy these benefits of a fire pit, consider these two versions ofoutdoor fire pits:

    This dark brown rectangular fire pit makes a perfect addition to almost any style of patio or garden furniture. Its side panels feature a handwoven rattan wicker pattern. The expert craftsmanship is evident, and its classic but understated pattern allows it to remain unobtrusively part of the scenery.

    Its dimensions are 30.91"W x 10.16"L x 30.71"H.

    This black rectangular fire pit has sturdy surrounding slats in a pattern that resembles the keys of a piano. When the side panel is opened, its resemblance to a piano becomes even more evident. This style of fire pit is also available in beige or grey.

    Its dimensions are 27.90"W x 27.70"L x 11.00"H.

    The fire for both versions is lit by a push-button mechanism, and the height of the flames is easily controlled by a button. You can choose the height of your flames.

    When the propane gas ignites the amber glass beads, the flames spring upward instantly. As the flames burn, a built-in glass wind guard prevents the fire from spreading to other parts of your porch or yard.

    When you're not using the flames, you can easily store the propane tank inside the fire pit. There is a magnetic door which is easily activated for quick and convenient opening and closing; to facilitate storage.

    Another advantage of the storage feature is the ability to use the pit's table cover to convert your fire pit into an outdoor table. The table cover is also the best way to keep your fire pit protected from the elements while remaining ready for its next outing as a fire pit.

    Consumers praise the pits' use of glass beads as fuel. This is preferable to the use of lava rocks (as other companies choose to do) because the glass beads don't disintegrate when burned. Consumers also report that these fire pits are very easy to set up, clean and store.

    The Fire pit table has a drainage design built in; to facilitate drainage.

    The Fire Pit Table is CSA certified, and it is compliant with safety standards.

    Free shipping is offered with your purchase, and you will receive it in 3-5 business days.

    Can You Leave Your Fire Pit Outdoors in the Winter?

    Fire Pits are made to be used outdoors, but can they withstand the weather conditions of the winter months?

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    You'll be glad to learn it is ok to leave your fire pit outdoors during the winter, but you must be sure to secure the table cover over the fire pit when you do. Here are three reasons why:

    1. Protection from pests and rodents.

    During the winter, pests and rodents seek safe shelter. The inside of a fire pit could serve as an ideal shelter for them. In addition to crawling pests, a warm spell might prompt a return of wasps. Tightly secure your table cover over the fire pit, and the little invaders will be kept away from your fire pit.

    2. Prevent moisture build-up around the metal rims and burners.

    Moisture from snow and winter rain can build up and corrode the metal components of your fire pit. If too much moisture pools on the top of the fire pit, your metal components could rust or become corroded. In addition to surface damage, moisture could seep inside and degrade the internal gas mechanisms.

    3. Protect the Integrity of the Surface From Snow and Sleet

    If snow builds up on your uncovered fire pits, the moisture can work its way into the cracks of their surfaces. Sleet can be even more invasive than snow because it sometimes includes sharp particles. Your tabletop is your best protection.

    A Safe Path in Winter

    In addition to keeping your fire pit covered during the winter, be sure you shovel yourself a safe path to it; if you want to use it during the winter evenings. You'll want a clear path, so you don't risk a slip or fall.

    Outdoor Sectional Wicker

    Choose Quality Fire Pits from Art Leon

    If you're looking for a quality fire pit, select one of the superior models from Art Leon. The Art Leon company believes in creating home furnishings that are both stylish and comfortable. They believe furniture should transcend its purpose, and they strive to make that a reality while maintaining affordable prices.

    When you purchase an Art Leon fire pit, you're guaranteed their quality workmanship, stylish appearance, flawless functionality and reliable construction. Their mission also includes striving to use sustainable methods and materials.

    Take a look at both styles of fire pits at  the Art Leon. If you choose, you can use Klarna to pay for your fire pit in four easy payments. If you choose to return your fire pit for any reason, Art Leon will accept returns up to 30 days after purchase.


    Can You Leave Your Fire Pit Outdoors in the Winter?
    Yes, you can leave your fire pit outdoors during the winter. However, it is important to secure the table cover over the fire pit to protect it from pests and rodents seeking shelter, prevent moisture build-up that can damage the metal components, and safeguard the surface from snow and sleet.
    What should I consider when choosing the right fire pit base?
    When choosing the right fire pit base, several factors should be considered. Firstly, the stability and sturdiness of the base are important to ensure the fire pit is secure. Secondly, the material of the base should be heat-resistant and durable. Additionally, the size and design of the base should match your outdoor space and complement the overall aesthetic.
    Do fire tables emit any unpleasant smells?
    Fire tables, especially those using clean-burning fuel like propane and glass beads, do not emit unpleasant smells. Unlike fire pits that use wood or other traditional fuels, fire tables using glass beads as fuel provide a clean and odorless burn. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the fire without any unwanted smells.

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