Do Fire Tables Smell

Outdoor fire pit tables are one of the best ways to add some light and warmth to your outdoor seating area. 

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  • Published on April 10, 2023

    Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Table

    Outdoor fire pit tables are one of the best ways to add some light and warmth to your outdoor seating area. It can also create a nice and cosy ambience creating a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Nothing can beat this, especially during winter and chilly nights. As much as these fire tables are perfect for adding warmth, they can be aesthetically pleasing to your eyes as well. With different styles and designs available, these tables can perfectly complement your outdoor décor increasing the aesthetic value.However, when winter comes, it's important to properly winterize your fire table to ensure it lasts for many years to come. 

    But one of the questions that are frequently asked by many people is - do these fire pit tables smell or not? To know the details read on.


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    Does the fire table emit a smell

    Just like any other tools with fire features, the fire tables too can produce a bit of smell. But it depends largely on the type of fuel the fire table is using. In most cases, you will find fire tables that use liquefied petroleum gas or propane gas. This type of fuel doesn't produce a noticeable amount of smell. In fact, there will be very little to no smell at all. 

    However, on the other hand, the fire pit table which is fueled by biomass or wood can emit some noticeable amount of smell and smoke. You can notice the woody and smoky smell which can be disturbing too. Having said this, it is important to know about other factors that can affect the smell. 

    Factors affecting the production of smell

    You need to know that the amount of smell produced by the fire table depends on different factors, other than just fuel. Some of the most important factors are:

    • Ventilation system

    One of the most important factors is the ventilation of the area where it is being used. If the fire table is used in a space with enough ventilation, then the amount of smell will be less. So, using the fire table in an open space, such as in the yard or on the patio, can create a lesser amount of smell. 

    • Intensity of fire

    Another factor that affects the smell coming out of the fire table is the intensity of the fire. When the flame is at its highest capacity, it can emit more smell. Whereas when the flame is medium to light, it will emit a lesser amount of smell. Hence, it is better to choose a fire table that comes with a regulator to control the flame.

    • Beads on the fire pit

    With the use of the right beads or stones in your fire pit, you can control the amount of smoke and smell. The Amber beads are the best option and can be used with a fire pit dining table using propane gas. These beads do not emit any toxic fume or odour. 

    Finding the best fire table

    Are you looking for a nice fire table for dining purposes or for your patio? There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. These are:

    • Sturdiness and durability
    • Complies with safety standards
    • Uses LPG or propane as fuel
    • Comes with flame regulator
    • Convenient design to use

    Bar Height Outdoor Table With Fire Pit

    These fire tables are more than just a piece of furniture to enhance the beauty of the patio or home décor. It is a functional piece of furniture and you have to make sure that you are buying the best design with all the essential features in it. Some of the best safety and essential features can increase the efficiency of these fire tables.

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    Shop Today

    If you want a fire table with all the amazing criteria in it, then you have to visit the Art Leon website. Whether you are looking for something functional or to enhance the décor and style of your home, Art Leon has a huge collection of some amazing outdoor and indoor fire tables that you can use in your patio, living room, backyard or dining room. The best thing about them is that they have a wide range of options available to match your preferences and lifestyles. Also, each and every piece of furniture is completely certified by CSA and they comply with all the safety standards. From the classic style to the modern and contemporary style, browse through their collection and choose the best fire pit patio table to create a beautiful, cosy and warm outdoor ambience. 


    What type of fuel produces less smell in a fire pit table?
    Fire tables that use liquefied petroleum gas or propane gas typically produce very little to no smell.
    What factors can affect the production of smell in a fire table?
    Factors such as the ventilation system, intensity of the fire, and the type of beads or stones used in the fire pit can all affect the amount of smell produced.
    What should I consider when looking for the best fire table?
    When looking for a fire table, consider factors such as sturdiness and durability, compliance with safety standards, use of LPG or propane as fuel, presence of a flame regulator, and convenient design for use.

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