Do Dining Chair Legs Have to Match the Table?

On the other hand, you can mix and match by getting a dining table with a glass top and chairs with steel legs to create a fascinating look.

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  • Published on February 06, 2023

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    Undoubtedly, the dining table is one piece of furniture that completes the look of your home. You must include it when decorating. Speaking of adding a dining table as part of your home decoration, one question that comes to mind is, do dining chair legs have to match the table?

    While both people who favour dining chair legs matching with the table and those who argue against it are correct, there are many benefits you can derive by matching or mixing them up. Read on as we examine this topic in detail.

    You can achieve various stylish looks by arranging your dining room chairs around your table. You can create a unique look by matching your dining chair legs with the table. You can also mix and match them up so that the dining chair legs differ from the table. The choice is yours, and you can stretch your imagination to develop various attractive styles to spice things up in your home.


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    Matching Table and Chair Legs

    You can view the subject of matching dining table chair legs from different angles, like the design, materials, texture, and style.


    Dining table chair legs come in different designs. Standard available designs include:

    • Cabriole leg 
    • Saber's leg 
    • Straight leg 
    • Trumpet leg
    • Flemish leg
    • Fluted leg
    • Reeded leg
    • Marlborough leg 
    • Spiral leg
    • Spider leg

    You can use a matching style for the chairs and table when setting up your dining set. For instance, if you are going for a table with trumpet legs, you can also ensure all the dining chairs have trumpet leg styles. 

    Doing this will give you a unified look in your dining area. You can also choose to have sabre-legged chairs for your trumpet-legged table. Such a combination creates a modern, engaging, and inviting look, more like a work of art.

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    Dining sets are made using various materials such as wood, metal, glass, concrete, bamboo, Bombay, steel, plastic, and wicker. When designing your dining area, it is important to consider whether you prefer a cohesive or eclectic look.

    To create a unified look, you can ensure your dining chairs and table have the same material. A good example is buying a wooden dining table and chairs with wooden legs to match. On the other hand, you can mix and match by getting a dining table with a glass top and chairs with steel legs to create a fascinating look.

    Check this art rattan&oak dining chair that features handwoven rattan and a solid oak frame. 


    Using the same texture for your dining table and chairs or mixing and matching textures is another way to plan your dining area. If you are the type that loves the cohesive look, then the texture of your dining set will be the same all through. If not, having leather dining chairs with vinyl or wooden tables is an excellent way to make a statement with your dining furniture.

    You can also check our other blog on what makes a good dining chair?


    Dining furniture sets come in different types. These include vintage, antique, traditional, and modern. One way to go when planning your dining area is to get one type for your table and dining room chairs. Let's say an all-vintage style. 

    That means that both your table and chairs will have a matching kind. Another way is to have a vintage table with traditional or modern dining chairs. This way, your dining chair legs will not match your table.

    Both scenarios create dining area styles that are unique in their way. The choice of what to settle for is yours to make.

    Colour and finishing will also determine matching or mixed dining sets. 

    Regardless of the appearance and composition of your dining furniture, maintaining cleanliness is never a problem. You can keep your dining set clean throughout the year with minimal effort. Regular dusting and wiping with a soft cloth are all you need. However, when cleaning dining chairs covered with thick materials, it's important to be cautious and avoid soaking them.

    Shopping Tips for Finding Matching Table and Chair Legs

    • You can purchase your matching or mixed dining set from any reliable furniture store or online. Some tips that will help you make the right choice are:
    • Determine the style, finishing, size, and colour you want. The best way to get this information before shopping is by viewing collections online to see different dining sets you can choose from.
    • Look for dining sets with matching legs if you want to create a uniform look for your dining area. That means you should choose a dining set with the same material or design.
    • Look for sets with different legs if you want a mix-and-match. You can determine the difference by material, texture, style, colour, and design.
    • Ensure that the set has matching legs for all the chairs, whether or not they are the same as the table. You want to be moderate with the mix-and-match thing! The chairs should also be uniform in colour, shape, and style.
    • Ensure that the legs of the set you decide on are the same height for both the table and dining chairs. You don't want a piece that causes discomfort while enjoying your meals or entertaining your guests.
    • Know your budget before making a purchase. You will find the prices displayed in the store's collection, and there's always a beautiful piece for all budgets.
    • Ensure to pick out a set with durable legs, as that will make your dining furniture last for a long time. Sets made of metal or steel are usually long-lasting.


    Do dining chair legs have to match the table? Everything is up to personal preference. To create a unified aesthetic for your dining room furniture, match the table and chair legs, or mix and match them for a more contemporary and artistic appearance.

    These two options are bound to provide a great appeal. Just ensure you get a set of the same height for the table and chair legs. With the tips in this blog post, you can make the best decision for your dining set furniture.


    What are the benefits of matching dining chair legs with the table?
    Matching dining chair legs with the table can create a unified and cohesive look in your dining area. It provides a sense of symmetry and can contribute to a more traditional or formal style.
    Can I mix and match dining chair legs with the table?
    The table and dining chair legs can be mixed and matched to produce a distinctive and diverse aesthetic. By fusing various designs, materials, textures, and styles, you may show off your ingenuity and sense of flair.
    What factors should I consider when matching dining chair legs with the table?
    When matching dining chair legs with the table, you should consider factors such as design, materials, texture, and style. Choosing chairs with legs that have a similar design or material as the table can create a harmonious look.
    How can I find a dining set with matching or mixed legs?
    To find a dining set with matching or mixed legs, you can visit furniture stores or shop online. Choose the size, color, finish, and style that you desire, then browse for sets that fit your requirements. If you prefer a mix-and-match style, seek for sets with various leg patterns or materials. If you want a uniform appearance, get a pair with matching legs.

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