5 Nature-Inspired Decorating Ideas for a Soothing Aesthetic

If you are thinking about bringing nature indoors, take inspiration from these five decoration ideas. 

  • By allen cheng
  • Published on June 08, 2023

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    Surroundings are crucial for well-being. They have an important role to play when it comes to making you feel relaxed and good. Clinical studies say that natural light can significantly improve the mental condition of patients suffering from agitation and depression. 

    Besides, patients tend to recover better in rooms that have a view of trees instead of brick walls. Sadly, architectural designs whose main objective is to create a functional, pleasant space for its inhabitants, forgot to embrace the principles of nature. 

    In today's challenging world full of worries, getting close to nature is the entrance to a relaxed life. If you are thinking about bringing nature indoors, take inspiration from these five decoration ideas. 


    • Consider Adding Fresh Flowers
    • Opt for Wooden Shutters Instead of Curtains
    • Include Nature-inspired Wallpaper and Fabrics
    • Maintain a Natural Color Palette
    • Always Use Your Favorite Elements as Inspiration
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    • Consider Adding Fresh Flowers

    Nothing is more relatable to nature than flowers. They tend to bring life and color to any room. Therefore, consider adding a flower vase on a coffee table or rattan sideboard. This will make the area colorful and you will feel joyous whenever you look at them. A wooden crate filled with mesmerizing blooms can be placed in the corner of a room.

    Besides, you can use decorative pots throughout your room for a more cheerful look. If you prefer filling vases with pebbles and stones, fresh flowers are a good option. They will infuse your living space with life and color that was missing from your home décor for a long time. Furthermore, you can amplify your floral aesthetic by adding floral tiles.

    They will help create a more nature-inspired and vibrant feel to your room. Look for tiles that create a playful design on bathroom vanities or kitchen backsplashes. Moreover, adding floral tiles to the entrance walls will impress your guests. Additionally, marble tiles with flower patterns give your room the right touch of nature. 

    • Opt for Wooden Shutters Instead of Curtains

    Whenever possible, try to add wooden features to your room. Whether it is about having green accent chairs or hardwood shutters, these items will introduce the warmth of nature right into your living space. Sometimes, it is good to ditch the old curtains and invest in wood shutters. No wonder, the material and texture of curtains give the space a touch of softness. 

    However, wooden shutters made of hardwood will bring back the old-style windows from the Victorian era. Besides, they will help create the perfect calm order of a cozy living room. Also, these wooden shutters are great for privacy because they won't block the entire lighting from the windows. They have two sections and you can use them accordingly. 

    Although it's an expensive addition to your home, the wood used in the shutters could be further extended to other areas of the room. That way, the wooden design will bring cohesiveness to the living space. Having a wooden texture around your living room brings in a sense of closeness to nature. 

    • Include Nature-inspired Wallpaper and Fabrics

    Wallpaper and fabrics inspired by nature are some of the best ways to add color and texture to your room while creating the right aesthetic that results in a calm environment. Hence, find a suitable fabric that comes in different patterns while reminding you of the outdoors. The patterns might include flowers or leaves. Use them to make curtains or pillows.

    Apart from that, you can choose to use natural textiles like linen whenever shopping for pillow covers, blankets, and so on. When it comes to creating a natural aesthetic for your home, natural textiles are sustainable options compared to their synthetic counterparts. Also, choose wallpaper prints that depict nature in any form. 

    Look for peel-and-stick wallpaper because they are convenient to install and remove. You can bring the perfect touch of the outdoors by decorating the entire room or an accent wall. Decorating your space with the right wallpaper and fabrics gives your room a soothing aesthetic. You can hire a professional decorator if you are considering a complex project.

    • Maintain a Natural Color Palette

    Sticking to browns and greens when choosing décor colors for a refined natural feel is good. A beautiful natural color along with other minimal furniture including an Art Leon oak dining chair will bring out the natural look that you are looking for. If you are looking for the finest earth-tone design, consider trying different shades of orange, yellow, and red. 

    These colors will give you the perfect laid-back look to your room while making you feel sophisticated. However, you can go for a completely natural look from ceiling to floor. You can keep things cream or white with a single color tone in throw blankets or pillows. As such, the décor will give you an airy feel.

    Furthermore, you can opt for a distressed, neutral wood appearance that complements your room from every aspect. Consider buying a wooden tile floor design to get a wood grain finish and achieve a more realistic look. Keep in mind that having the right tile adds a touch of rustic charm to any living space. 

    • Always Use Your Favorite Elements as Inspiration

    Getting in sync with nature to harness its benefits while you project them for your home is important. Are you interested in trees or drawn more toward forests? Do you like clear waters or blue skies? Or, you prefer summer thunderstorms compared to rainbows and flowers. 

    Whatever your favorite nature element, use them to get inspiration for your home décor. For example, consider having potted plants over a small wood sideboard to add greenery to your space. Vases full of fresh flowers work equally well. For a different kind of look, consider incorporating fossils or specific stones into your room.

    These items will help you achieve an earthy feel and you won't be bothered about watering them. Different types of DIY projects and artwork bring a sense of calmness to your living space. 


    If you want to create a soothing aesthetic that's both nature-inspired and stylish, the decorating ideas mentioned above are good options to get started. Whether it is about a particular area or an entire room, these tips will help you get the desired look. Hence, start decorating your home today and it will soon have a calm aesthetic.


    Q1: What are some natural elements that can be incorporated into my home decor?
    Some nature elements that can be incorporated into your home decor include plants, natural wood finishes, stone or marble, and textures like rattan, jute, and wool.
    Q2: How do I balance nature-inspired decor with my personal style?
    Nature-inspired decor can be versatile and can be adapted to suit different styles. For example, a minimalist might focus on using natural materials such as wood or stone with a muted color palette, while a bohemian style might incorporate bright colors and patterns with natural fibers like rattan and macrame.
    Q3: How can I create a calming and soothing atmosphere with nature-inspired decor?
    To create a calming and soothing atmosphere, consider using natural, muted colors such as earth tones or pastels. Incorporating plants throughout your space can also help create a calming feeling. Additionally, consider incorporating natural fragrances through candles or diffusers to enhance the atmosphere.

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