Maximizing Small Spaces: 10 Expert Tips from Designers for Entertaining in a Compact Apartment

Transform your small apartment into a stylish and functional entertainment haven with these 10 expert tips. Discover how versatile furniture like Art Leon's Swivel Chairs and Accent Desk Chair can elevate your space.

  • By abby tian
  • Published on August 02, 2023

    High Chair Desk | Art Leon

    Undoubtedly, I live in a cosy little apartment, and despite its size, I love to entertain my friends and family. However, I know firsthand that entertaining in a small space can be a bit challenging. That's why I've decided to share the 10 best tips I've gathered from designers on how to entertain in a small apartment. So, let's dive in and make our small space feel like a grand venue.


    • 10 Best Tips from Designers on How to Entertain in a Small Apartment
      • Clear Out the Clutter
      • Choose Versatile Furniture
      • Use Space-saving Furniture
      • Create Zones
      • Use Mirrors
      • Use Light Colors
      • Add Pops of Color
      • Keep the Lines Simple
      • Use Vertical Space
      • Don't Be Afraid to Get Creative
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    10 Best Tips from Designers on How to Entertain in a Small Apartment

    1. Clear Out the Clutter

    Before I even think about inviting guests over, I always make sure to declutter my space. It's the most important step to create an inviting atmosphere. I get rid of anything I don't use or need and put away items that are not essential for entertaining. This instantly makes my apartment feel more spacious and allows my guests to move around comfortably.

    Clutter can quickly take over a small apartment, making it feel cramped and disorganized. By removing unnecessary items and finding proper storage solutions, such as using multifunctional furniture with hidden compartments like the Art Leon Accent Desk Chair, I create a harmonious and clutter-free environment that leaves my guests feeling relaxed and welcomed.

    1. Choose Versatile Furniture

    When we're limited on space, we need furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For example, I have Art Leon rattan chairs that not only provide stylish seating but can also be easily moved around when needed. Additionally, I invested in an Art Leon Accent Desk Chair that doubles as extra seating during gatherings. Versatile furniture is a lifesaver in a small apartment.

    Opting for furniture with a versatile design not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance and functionality to my entertainment area. With Art Leon Swivel Chairs, we can easily reconfigure the seating arrangement, allowing guests to interact more comfortably and creating a more dynamic social setting.

    1. Use Space-saving Furniture

    I've discovered that there are many furniture pieces specifically designed to save space. I own Art Leon swivel chairs that offer the convenience of 360-degree rotation and can be tucked away when not in use. Nesting tables are another excellent addition to my space-saving arsenal. These pieces help me maximize my limited floor area without compromising on style.

    To further optimize my space, I've added Art Leon Rattan Oak Chairs, which have a sleek and compact design, perfect for small apartments. These chairs are lightweight and easy to move, making them ideal for flexible seating arrangements during gatherings.

    1. Create Zones

    In my small apartment, I've learned that creating distinct zones for different activities can make the space feel more organized and spacious. I have a dedicated seating area with my swivel chairs for cosy conversations, a dining area for meals, and a bar area for entertaining. This division helps prevent my guests from feeling cramped and ensures there's a designated space for every occasion.

    By defining specific zones in my small apartment, I give each area a purpose and function. This not only helps with traffic flow during gatherings but also allows me to decorate and style each zone differently, adding a touch of personality and charm to the entire space.

    1. Use Mirrors

    Mirrors are magical in a small space. I strategically place mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to reflect natural light and create the illusion of more space. I'm particularly fond of how my Art Leon accent desk chairs look even more stunning when their reflections bounce off the mirrors. It truly makes my apartment feel brighter and more open.

    Incorporating mirrors into my apartment's decor has been a game-changer. Not only do they amplify the natural light, but they also visually expand the space, making it feel more spacious and inviting. Additionally, by positioning mirrors thoughtfully, I can direct attention to specific areas, like my stylish Art Leon Swivel Chairs, creating a captivating focal point.

    Grey Blue Accent Chair | Art Leon

    1. Use Light Colors

    Light colours have been my go-to when it comes to decorating my small apartment. I painted the walls in a soothing light neutral shade, and the difference it made was astonishing. The space feels airier and brighter, and it allows me to effortlessly decorate with various light-coloured accessories.

    By sticking to a light colour palette, I ensure that my small apartment feels more open and welcoming. The soft hues create a calming and visually cohesive atmosphere, allowing my guests to relax and enjoy themselves without feeling overwhelmed.

    1. Add Pops of Color

    While light colours dominate my space, I also love adding pops of colour to create visual interest. I achieve this by incorporating vibrant pillows, throws, and colourful artwork. These small touches add personality to my apartment and make it feel more inviting. When my guests arrive, they're immediately greeted by a splash of colour, which lifts the entire atmosphere.

    By selecting a few accent pieces in bold and lively colours, I add a sense of excitement and energy to my small apartment. The bright hues complement the neutral backdrop, adding a playful touch that reflects my style and helps create a lively ambience during gatherings.

    1. Keep the Lines Simple

    In a small space, I find that keeping the lines simple is essential. I avoid bulky furniture and opt for pieces with clean, uncluttered lines, like my Art Leon Swivel Chairs. The simple lines help maintain an open and airy feel throughout the apartment, ensuring there's no unnecessary visual clutter.

    The simplicity of the furniture's design complements the overall aesthetic of my apartment, creating a harmonious and well-balanced space. Moreover, the clean lines of the furniture, like the Art Leon Accent Desk Chair, provide a timeless appeal, ensuring that my small apartment remains stylish and inviting for years to come.

    1. Use Vertical Space

    Vertical space is an underrated gem in small apartments. When floor space is limited, I turn to my walls to create additional storage and decor opportunities. I hang pictures, plants, and shelves to add height and depth to the room. Not only does this maximize my storage options, but it also makes the space feel larger and more welcoming.

    By utilizing vertical space, I ensure that every inch of my apartment is put to good use. Floating shelves serve as both functional storage and display areas for decorative items, while hanging plants bring a touch of nature indoors, adding a refreshing and inviting vibe to my small living space.

    1. Don't Be Afraid to Get Creative

    The most important tip I've learned is not to be afraid of getting creative. Entertaining in a small apartment comes with its challenges, but with a bit of imagination, you can overcome them all. Experiment with different layouts, try unconventional seating arrangements and embrace your space's uniqueness. I've found that my guests appreciate the thought and effort I put into creating a warm and welcoming environment, regardless of the apartment's size.

    To make the most of my small apartment's limited space, I often experiment with different furniture arrangements and layouts before hosting an event. It allows me to identify the most efficient and comfortable setup for my guests and ensures that the gathering is a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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    Final Thoughts

    So, there we have it - my top 10 tips for entertaining in a small apartment. With a little planning, smart furniture choices like Art Leon Furniture, Art Leon Swivel Chairs, and Art Leon Accent Desk Chair, and a touch of creativity, we can turn our small space into a perfect entertainment hub.


    Q1: How can mirrors be used to make a small apartment feel more spacious and inviting?
    • Mirrors can be strategically placed on walls opposite windows to reflect natural light
    • Mirrors visually expand the space and make it feel brighter and more open
    • Mirrors can be used to direct attention to specific areas and create a captivating focal point
    Q2: What are some tips for decorating a small apartment with a limited floor area?
    • Stick to a light color palette to create a calming and visually cohesive atmosphere
    • Add pops of color with vibrant pillows, throws, and artwork for visual interest
    • Keep furniture lines simple and uncluttered to maintain an open and airy feel
    • Utilize vertical space for additional storage and decor opportunities
    Q3: How can I make the most of my small apartment's limited space for entertaining guests?
    • Experiment with different furniture arrangements and layouts before hosting an event
    • Embrace the uniqueness of your space and get creative with seating arrangements and decor choices
    • Utilize versatile and space-saving furniture like Art Leon Rattan Chairs, Art Leon Accent Desk Chair, and Art Leon Swivel Chairs to maximize your small space

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