What Size Pillow for Accent Chair?

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  • Published on February 09, 2023

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    If you're in the furniture market, chances are that you're going to be making a purchase soon. Accent chairs are easy to buy because they have a relatively small footprint, and it's easy for them to go with any room decor. But when it comes to buying pillows for your accent chair, you have many options. Sit down and explore these best options for what size pillow for your accent chair.


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    What Size Pillow for the Accent Chair

    You can pick a size that fits in with the design of your chair or buy a pillow that complements your room decor. To help you get started, we've provided some ideas below.

    The "official" rules of thumb on what size to buy usually go like this: 30" padded pillows are good for most accent chairs over around 27", and 46" or larger are good for bigger chairs.

    For some people, this is just fine. If you're just looking to "fit in" with the decorating in your room, then by all means, do it this way. But if you're looking for something that has a little more "pop," then follow these suggestions instead:

    1. Buy a pillow that's large enough to cover the arm and seat of your chair

    When you consider what size pillow is for an accent chair, think about whether or not you want it to be visible when someone sits down.

    2. Buy a pillow that complements the size of your chair

    Not everyone buys a chair to match their decorate, so why would you only buy a pillow that's the same size? Doing so is often considered to be in poor taste. The best way to complement your room's décor is to buy a pillow that contrasts with it.

    3. Use two pillows if necessary

    This might seem like common sense, but don't be afraid to buy two pillows if you need more cushioning. Accent chairs are often purposefully designed to look a little sparse so that you can add your flair.

    4. Buy a throw pillow if you're looking for a more feminine touch

    Throw pillows are larger than standard accent pillows, and they both look nice on their own and complement other decorative items in your home.
    If you want to add colour to your room, but don't want anything too bold or colourful, then a throw pillow is a way to go. You can change the look of your room whenever you want without having to continually buy new furniture.

    Velvet Accent ChairWhite Accent Chair

    5. Buy a pillow that has a similar pattern to your accent chair

    Accent chairs look best when they match the pillows in your room. When most people buy accent pillows, they have only one particular pattern in mind, and that's fine if you're just looking for something to fill the place of a standard pillow. But those looking to create a specific look should buy pillows that match their accent chair. This will help the two items look like they were made for each other.

    6. Buy a pillow that matches the colour of your accent chair

    If you have an accent chair in a drab colour, like beige or khaki, then you might want to consider buying something that has a complementary pattern on it. A more colourful accent chair will look better when paired with a coloured pillow.

    7. Buy a throw pillow to match the look of your room

    Throw pillows come in a variety of colours and patterns, and some may be more suited to your style than others. If you have a natural or earthy look, then you may want to get a throw pillow in an earth tone, like brown or taupe. If your home has more of an urban feel, then consider buying something that has black or white lines on it. These lines can give off the impression that there's more space within the room.

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    8. Think about the overall theme of your home

    You may have a lot of throw pillows already in your home, or you may want to start with a clean slate. Either way, choose something that looks good and fits in with the rest of your decor. If you're going to be adding more throw pillows to other parts of your house, then it's probably a good idea to choose something neutral, like off-white. If you have a lot of accent chairs in your home or you're planning on buying more, then you may want to stick with the same colour scheme for your pillows as well. This may also help personalize your home. For example, if you're putting this accent chair in a den that has a lot of wooden furniture and it's decorated like an office or study, then choose something that makes it look more like a living room. The best way to do this is to buy a colourful pillow or throw pillow.


    There are many sizes available to you when considering what size pillow is for an accent chair, and they are related to your chair's dimensions. To help you figure out the right size, above you'll find information on the best way to pick out an accent pillow. Don't be afraid to buy a throw pillow or large accent chair if you need more cushioning for your chair. While it's not always necessary to buy something that fits in with the rest of your room décor, it does help make your room look more visually appealing.


    Q1: What is the recommended size for a pillow for an accent chair?
    The "official" rules of thumb suggest that 30" padded pillows are good for most accent chairs over around 27", and 46" or larger pillows are suitable for bigger chairs.
    Q2: Should the size of the pillow complement the size of the chair?
    It is not necessary for the pillow size to match the chair size. In fact, buying a pillow that contrasts with the size of your chair can add visual interest and complement your room's décor.
    Q3: What are the benefits of using throw pillows on an accent chair?
    Throw pillows are larger than standard accent pillows and can add a feminine touch to your room. They also allow you to easily change the look of your room without buying new furniture.

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