The Best Furniture to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional

The article discusses the benefits of setting up a fun yet professional office space and recommends various accent chairs to achieve this look.

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  • Published on July 17, 2023

    Velvet Swivel Accent Chair | Art Leon

    Years ago, offices were known to feature rigid cubicles and bland settings. But today, offices are embracing livelier and more welcoming spaces for better performance. 

    If you are looking for how best to revamp your office space to make it appear more professional yet fun, moving in the right furniture will help. Investing in the right furniture will give your space a contemporary look with a blend of natural aura and style.


    • Benefits Of Setting Up A Furniture Yet Professional Office Space
      • Setting up a fun yet professional space comes with loads of benefits, including:
    • The Best Furniture to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional
    • Conclusion
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    Benefits Of Setting Up A Furniture Yet Professional Office Space

    Have you ever thought of how your clients, business partners, or employees feel when they step into your space with the right colours and welcoming ambience?

    Undoubtedly, it will gladden your heart to know they feel a positive surge and are ready to take on the day's job without hesitation. However, if your office space isn't in a suitable condition, there will be a total lack of motivation, and anxiety and discomfort will set in. 

    Setting up a fun yet professional space comes with loads of benefits, including:

    • Long-term staff retention
    • Increased productivity
    • Motivation
    • Creative thinking
    • Stress level reduction and 
    • Better communication 
    • More effective collaboration

    The Best Furniture to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional 

    Now that you know the benefits of getting the right furniture for your space, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Start by investing in any of these chairs below and give your office space a better appeal!

    1. Art Leon Genuine Leather Lounge Chair

    This lounge chair is upholstered in authentic leather. It features a unique pattern and colour and a 360° swivel function that allows you to move easily in different directions without moving the chair. 

    The base is plated in chrome, and the high-density foam comes with polyester filling to provide better stability. The rubber ring around the base helps prevent the floor from getting scratched.

    2. Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair - Gold Plated Legs

    The Art Pyramid series was made with the mid-century style in mind. It features sturdy golden legs, 360 degrees swivel base, and comfortable velvet upholstery that brings out the beauty of any space.

    Indeed, the Art Leon swivel chairs are designed to make your life much easier as the seating design features classic vertical stripes and clean lines. It's also easy to assemble, and you can easily move in any direction, giving your office space a fun yet professional look.

    Check for more options of accent chairs and swivel chairs.

    3. Art Leon Oak Legs Desk Chair

    If you're interested in a chair that will blend in with any office decor, you should get this chair. The good thing about the Oak Legs desk chair is that it combines bold style and a rustic look to complement any design.

    The backrest and seat are fully padded to help you have a more comfortable and relaxing moment at work.

    It comes with genuine leather that is durable, easy to clean, and longer lasting. The leather is also resistant to dirt, and the armrest is easy to assemble.

    It can also rotate in every direction, ensuring easy movement and better flexibility at work or home. The non-slip plastic foot cap helps stabilize your chair, minimize noise, and prevent your floor from scratching.

    4. Art Leon Velvet Swivel Bar Stool

    Do you have a small bar space in your office setup where you can enjoy some moments with your co-workers or visitors? The Art Leon Swivel bar stool is an excellent choice for any office space if you want all-around comfort.

    The stool rotates on all sides, and the metal legs are sturdy and well-designed for a comfortable seating experience. 

    The soft velvet fabric makes it smooth to the touch, and the 360° swivel function makes it the perfect chair for entertainment or in a home bar.

    The footrests and legs are plated in gold, giving the stool a luxurious, sleek, modern look. 

    The major selling point of the Poplar desk chair is its rotating feature. It helps you move in any direction and reach for things without straining your back and standing up.

    The seat comes with a unique seating design for added comfort and a supportive and stylish back design. The high backrest helps support your neck and shoulders, and the seat is contoured for a better seating experience.

    The 360° swivel base ensures flexibility and easy movement, helping you to easily face any direction. It also features sturdy wooden legs with a grey oak and brown colour for additional support, warmth, and elegance.

    6. Art Rattan Oak Bar Stool with Metal Legs

    Here is another bar stool to consider for your office bar space. The Art Rattan Oak Bar Stool is made with a combination of modern and vintage styles.

    The black metal frame features oak accents and hand-woven rattan to create a stylish look. The backrest is curved, and it works with the seat to provide stability and comfort.

    The backrest is elastic and breathable for better support for your back. The seat surface comes with durable and soft high-quality synthetic leather, and it comes in three colors to help you choose any one according to your preference.

    It also comes with a highly durable black steel frame and non-slip foot pads that help prevent your floors from being scratched.

    Check for more options of rattan oak options.

    7. Art Leon Open Backrest Desk Chair

    If you have a little space and want a chair you wouldn't have to spend hours cleaning, you should consider investing in the Art Leon open backrest desk chair.

    The chair is specifically made for small spaces, and it features a durable faux leather fabric for ease of cleaning and a comfortable seating experience.

    The chair has a comfortable and supportive back that features a curved design, and the seat is designed to help users enjoy longer hours of seating without discomfort.

    It also comes with a 360 degrees swivel base that allows you to move it easily, regardless of the size of your space.

    It doesn't come with wheels. So, it's an excellent choice for bedroom or living room use. Additionally, the sturdy leg base is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability. 


    While you can invest in different aspects of your office to make it look professional while adding some elements of fun, it is important to consider the right furniture pieces too. The right furniture will help transform your office into a cosy, professional space where you enjoy working. 

    This article has given you the best furniture to consider for your office space. And regardless of your choice, you won't regret investing in any of these pieces. 

    Check our office desk category for more options to equip your office.

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