The Best Accenting Guides for Chairs in the Office Space

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  • Published on February 08, 2023

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    • What is an Accent Chair
    • Is an Accent Chair Needed in an Office Space
      • Mix and match the accent chair with your colour scheme
      • Accord the accent chair to the furniture designs
      • Create an accent Area with the Accent Chair
    • A coffee table and chair set would also be a great idea for this endeavour
    • The Upscale Contrast of Accent Chairs
    • FAQs
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    What is an Accent Chair

    Aside from having a set of comfortable seating furniture pieces in a particular room or space, adding the accent chair makes it more visually attractive and pleasing. This boils down to the fact that accent chairs may be used more as a decoration or a welcoming element than a furniture piece where the inhabitant or guest can lounge on a feel entirely cosy. But the function of accent chairs doesn't only end with that. These interior design elements add more space for seating in short-term aspects. 

    Is an Accent Chair Needed in an Office Space 

    Offices can come in different layouts based on which industry they are in. But the common denominator is that offices are arranged through department zoning. Office layouts are commonly arranged in rows, cubicles, or dispersed positions and normally consist of office tables, office chairs, shelves, vaults, and cabinets. Hence, the presence of an accent chair makes the difference. 

    Having accent chairs can lessen the stress and industrial appeal of the office making the room look more lively and flowy but cosy and gentle, and it gives the sensation of a "take a break" vibe through its inviting appearance. 

    So, how do you arrange or decorate accent chairs for the office space? Let's discuss the efficient tips and insights in the reading below. 

    • Mix and match the accent chair with your colour scheme

    They can be matched or be similar to your logo colour scheme, uniform colour scheme, or the colour of your floor or walls. Matching the colours doesn't only mean the same colour. You can choose an accent chair with split complementary colours, triadic, or adjacent colours. You can make it look more eye-catching if it is opposite to the dominant colour of the room or uniforms. 

    Toning would be an interesting aspect when selecting an accent chair design colour. But make sure that the accent chair has a bolder and more vivid colour to make it stand out and become the focal point of the office front door. Let your accent chairs lead the rest of your theme by adding dynamic interest and character with colours and textures. 

    • Accord the accent chair to the furniture designs

    The main goal why an accent chair is primarily to give balance to the aura of the room whilst inviting the guests to sit down and wait for their turn to be served in a pleasant atmosphere. Choose accent chairs that have a different edge or design to the office chairs to make them stand out. This is why the accent chair must primarily be attractive not only to the guests but also to the employees to always remind them of the customers waiting. 

    Just like mixing and matching with the colours, you can also base the accent chair design on the design of the furniture. You can select a leather accent chair that appears sleek and modern to pair with your classic or rugged office interior design. Or, you can use a modern accent chair to add to your old-fashioned office that hasn't been renovated since the 80s or 90s. 

    • Create an accent Area with the Accent Chair

    You can truly integrate the accent chair layouting process by adding a different kind of space to add in your office. Aside from only having one accent chair, you can add a side table or centre table with a matching potted plant or gigantic vase beside it. You can use a simple stool chair or swivel accent chair with a different colour to your office chairs, let the accessories give them a highlight. 

    Moreover, adding a pair of accent chairs makes it a completely welcoming area at the entrance of your office. More than just a piece of decorative seating furniture, you add a homey or "Escape from reality" appeal to the whole room which perfectly targets the function of accenting. 

    Accent Chair For Sale

    A coffee table and chair set would also be a great idea for this endeavour

    • Achieve a Playful Posture

    Aside from the homey and cosy jazzy appeal of accenting with chairs, you can make your accenting playful too! A playful theme completely opposes the formal sensation of the office which will be an effective accenting idea to apply in the workspace. 

    Choose modern accent chairs with peculiar or odd shapes no matter which interior design theme your office is associated with. This creates rhythm, direction, and extends the atmospheric sensation of the office surroundings, and gives a jolly impression. The selection of your chair for accenting should be guaranteed striking, compelling, and iconic to achieve a different glow and creates a reflection of the organization's performance and capabilities. 

    • Elongated Chair Accenting Experience

    A one-seat capacity is the most common accent chair we know. Hence, accenting with a chair doesn't end with that. You can use a three-seater capacity or a couch, or a loveseat - with throw pillows! The impact that this element will give on the area when you first come in will be friendly, warm, and generous. A large elongated accent chair or a modern bench with layers of the cushion will be a terrific addition to the office’s impression and reputation. You can choose an upholstered or leather accent chair that is two-seater or three-seater that can accommodate more guests. 

    This is very effective and efficient, especially for office spaces that are too formal, straightforward, minimalist, and understated in appearance. 

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    The Upscale Contrast of Accent Chairs

    A fabulous way to liven up or give a cheerful atmosphere to your office and ass the finishing touches of flair can be done through an appropriate usage and layout of an accent chair. It's amazing how one piece of furniture can significantly alter the style and ambience of your office. You just need to completely evaluate its optimized purpose, consistency, colour, finish, and size. Nevertheless, you won't need to overdecorate your office if you only choose the best and most ideal extra furniture may it be a swivel accent chair, modern accent chair, or classical style accent seating piece. 


    Q1: How can I mix and match the accent chair with my color scheme?
    When choosing an accent chair, you can consider matching it to your logo or uniform colors, as well as the colors of your walls or floors. You can also choose complementary or adjacent colors to create a more eye-catching effect.
    Q2: How can I accord the accent chair to the furniture designs in my office?
    To create balance in the room and make the accent chair stand out, choose a design that is different from the other office chairs. For example, if you have classic or rugged furniture, opt for a sleek and modern accent chair.
    Q3: How can I create an accent area with the accent chair?
    In addition to adding an accent chair, you can create a dedicated space by adding a side table or center table with accessories like a potted plant or vase. You can also consider adding a pair of accent chairs at the entrance of your office to create a welcoming area.

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