Sideboard vs Dresser: What’s the Difference

The traditional sideboard was limited to the dining room. But today, the sideboard has been used as an essential part of the interior décor of a house.

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  • Published on March 14, 2023
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    • What Is The Difference Between A Sideboard And A Dresser
    • What Is A Sideboard
    • Different Ways To Use A Sideboard
    • Factors to consider when choosing a sideboard
    • What is a dresser
    • Different ways to use the dresser
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    What Is The Difference Between A Sideboard And A Dresser

    The place preferred for our solution to stress is home. We spend more time with family and friends and make good memories together at home. It does not need to have expensive furniture to serve this purpose. Just by the furniture arrangement, a small house can be made to look larger and more appealing to the eye. This can bring a feeling of comfort to the users. The use of simple furniture like sideboards and dressers has made it possible for one to use limited house space to create a fantastic home. This article describes ways to use a sideboard and a dresser to curb the various challenges of small spaces in your interior décor.

    What Is A Sideboard

    A sideboard, also called a buffet, is a piece of furniture with a flat top surface that was in the past used for the dining area and placed near the dining table to help in the storage of items. Depending on preferences, sideboards have drawers and shelves that can be opened or closed. Traditional sideboards were designed to hold extra utensils or food to provide space at the dining table. They used to have legs or not.

    • Modern Sideboard

    The evolution of sideboards has pushed sideboards to be used almost anywhere in the house. The hallway, beside the couch. Today you can customize your furniture to the look of the sideboard. 

    Today the sideboard has evolved to provide extra storage and décor. Not only are they used for dining rooms but also in living rooms and lounges anymore. They can be used for artwork and be styled in any way.

    • The Midcentury Sideboard

    The mid-century sideboard is among the most popular sideboards due to its stylish nature. They come in long and low sizes made of wood. They store various materials, including utensils, books, and, magazines.

    Different Ways To Use A Sideboard

    • Anchorage for art to lean on

    Do you have a large piece of art close to your heart? If you are contemplating where to put it or you don't want to make any piercing on it, then the sideboard is the best place to place it. Place the art on top of the sideboard leaning against the wall.

    • Use it as an entertainment centre

    You can comfortably use the sideboard as a centre for your electronic gadgets. Mount your television above the sideboard and direct the cables and the cords into one of the cabinets. 

    • Use it as a storage

    Today sideboards are used as extra storage in living rooms. You can store your collection on the sideboard as a book reader. All the photos you have been taking, your movie collection, can all go on the sideboard to give you a neat surface.

    • Used to storage in lifeless spaces

    Have you seen specific spaces that do not attract life in your homes? Those spaces found under the staircases can be decorated by using sideboards. You can mount a mirror above the sideboard to make it your makeup room. Every space can be made functional regardless of size.

    • The kitchen sideboard

    Need help storing the dishes you don't often use? How to Clean Sideboards? It would be best if you tried a sideboard. These provide an ideal space to store such dishes away from the common area while ensuring easy access when needed. The kitchen sideboards make it easy to store fragile cookware and ensure the kitchen always has space.

    Factors to consider when choosing a sideboard

    Before choosing any sideboard, you must consider certain factors to ensure the sideboard of your choice serves its purpose. Sideboards come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of the factors to look for while choosing a sideboard are:

    • The size of the room

    The size of the room is an essential factor to consider. Before purchasing, measure the room size to get a sideboard that will comfortably fit in the room. For narrow rooms, consider using narrow sideboards to give space to the rooms.

    • A complimentary material

    Suppose you are looking for a particular look for your room. It is good to look for a sideboard made of a material compatible with the room's decorations. Most sideboards are wood, but others can also be made of other materials.

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    What is a dresser

    Wide SideboardLarge Sideboard

    A dresser is a piece of furniture with drawers for storing items. Dressers vary in size. Traditionally used as kitchen furniture for storing utensils. However, dressers are versatile furniture that is available in different styles. They come in different heights and widths, giving them a variety of storage areas to use.

    A dresser can be used in the office, living room, dining, and even the bedroom.

    Dressers are primarily used in the bedroom to store clothes, with different layers of dressers designated to different objects.

    Different ways to use the dresser

    • As a sideboard

    Like the sideboard, a dresser also makes excellent storage for is even cheaper to create a dresser than a sideboard for the same function. The dresser drawers can store bowls that are used sparingly.

    • Storage for your kids' toys

    Your kid's toys are becoming a pain in the neck at your home, and you no longer know how to handle them? The dresser is an excellent place to clear the messy house. The toys will perfectly fit on the dresser drawers to keep your home tidy.

    • To store your makeup

    Most ladies have different objects and makeup products, each with different uses. Sometimes these products need their own space to avoid any mix-ups. How do you deal with this? The dressers offer the perfect space for this. You can use the different levels of the dressers to keep each item differently. This even makes it easier when you want to retrieve the makeup.


    The traditional sideboard was limited to the dining room. But today, the sideboard has been used as an essential part of the interior décor of a house. It can be used to transform spaces that look tiny into spacious. Sideboards provide extra storage spaces and surfaces s that can be used for other functions. It is also vital to consider the room size before purchasing any sideboard to get value for your money.


    Q1: What is the difference between a sideboard and a dresser?
    A sideboard is a piece of furniture with a flat top surface that is traditionally used for storage in the dining area, while a dresser is a piece of furniture with drawers for storing items, often used in the bedroom.
    Q2: How can a dresser be used in different ways?
    A dresser can be used as a sideboard for storing utensils, as storage for kids' toys to keep the house tidy, and as a storage solution for makeup and other personal items.
    Q3: How has the traditional sideboard evolved in modern times?
    The traditional sideboard was limited to the dining room, but it has now become an essential part of interior décor and can be used in various rooms of the house. It provides extra storage space and can be styled in different ways to suit individual preferences.

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