Fresh Ways to Reuse Things in Your Kitchen

Achieve kitchen sustainability through creative reuse: repurpose bar stools for a fresh look, transform cupboards, regrow veggies, rejuvenate glass jars, utilize cardboard boxes, and recycle cooking essentials.

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  • Published on August 10, 2023

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    The kitchen seems to be the busiest place in the house. You are cooking, cleaning, packing dishes, sorting out groceries, and occasionally experimenting with baking or something else. With these activities, there will be wastes of different forms. Still, there are several ways to achieve sustainable practices while reducing waste.

    When you are planning to reuse things in your kitchen, certain things appear in your mind first. These might include glass jars, cardboard cartoons, or aluminium cans. However, what you may not think of is that there are many things in your kitchen that can be filled with recyclable items. Take a look at some kitchen items that you can reuse in different ways.  


    • Reshuffle the Sitting Arrangement in your Kitchen
    • Don't Just Throw Away Cupboards
    • Consider Re-growing Veggie Scraps
    • Make your Glass Jars New
    • Use Cardboard Boxes to Store Things
    • Reuse Cooking Oil if you Have Options
    • Reuse Pots and Pans
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    1. Reshuffle the Sitting Arrangement in your Kitchen

    Over time, the chairs in your kitchen will wear out and you may think about buying similar ones. Rather than buying the same, why not introduce something different in your kitchen this time? For example, you can get the bar stool from your living room and have them in your kitchen. 

    bar stool with a backrest improves the look of your kitchen. Imagine how you will feel when your guests praise the new piece of furniture. Because the idea is to look for new ways to reuse items, reshuffling chairs is a great idea. 

    1. Don't Just Throw Away Cupboards

    No wonder, cupboards seem to be an outdated piece of furniture in modern-day houses. The best part is, you will find cupboards in many kitchens as well. Although a cupboard sounds like an old item in your kitchen, there are innovative ways to juice up things. Keep in mind that remodelling your kitchen doesn't mean throwing everything out. 

    You can remove the doors of the cupboard and use it differently. Take out the doors carefully and look for visible damage. If you don't find one, consider applying a fresh coat of paint. Use it for different purposes in the kitchen based on your preferences. Additionally, consider adding an oak dining chair to make the kitchen look more vibrant. 

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    1. Consider Re-growing Veggie Scraps

    Around 50% of waste from the kitchen comes from food. So, why not re-grow and compost food scraps? Suppose, you may relieve yourself from the trouble of buying spring onions whenever you visit the grocery store. While everyone likes them fresh, nobody likes to go through the trouble of growing their spring onions right in the kitchen.

    All you have to do is trim the onions from the base, maintaining a distance of about an inch. Insert the roots into a glass jar filled with water. You will notice fresh onion sprig within a short time. You can trim and reuse them whenever you need. Also, you can shift them to a pot and allow them to grow in full size. 

    1. Make your Glass Jars New

    Glassware, specifically glass jars are one of the most common items you will find in every kitchen. However, they tend to wear out after using them continuously for a few years. Eventually, the glassware will lose its shine and end up looking dull. Moreover, the labels on them make them unattractive.

    Because you can't remove the ugly-looking worn-out labels of the glassware, it doesn't mean that you have to buy new ones. There is a super-easy way to get rid of sticky pieces of paper. Use vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap on the labels to restore the shine. You can reuse these shiny jars to store items such as rice, tea, spices, etc.

    1. Use Cardboard Boxes to Store Things

    It might be challenging to keep a spice or tea cupboard organized always. That's because they are filled with different types of small items. Most of them come with the same size. So, how to make things easy for you? The answer is simple: use cardboard boxes that have enough stiffness.

    These stiff cardboard boxes will be your new shelving units. Start by cutting the flaps of the cardboard boxes. Now, place a box on its side in a way that the bottom part of the small cardboard box rests against the cupboard's back. The sides of the boxes will create another shelving. There will be adequate space below and you will get additional storage in the cupboard. 

    1. Reuse Cooking Oil if you Have Options

    When it comes to reusing cooking oil, it's another great option to consider. Cooking oil can be reused up to five times. Then, it needs to be recycled and the process will be a bit difficult. You have to collect the used oil every time you cook it in a specific container. Metal cans are great options. So, try to get a larger one. Add oil to the container until it becomes full.

    After that, search for a recycling centre in your location. If there is one, you can dispose of it easily. If none exists around you, contact the city department to find out if they collect the same. In case they don't offer such a service, seal and dispose of the container in the trash.

    1. Reuse Pots and Pans

    While rattan bar stools can improve the appearance of your kitchen significantly, treating your cookware nicely can help them last for several years with the least problems. If you decide to buy new ones, that's great. Moreover, you can donate them or sell them if they are still useful. 

    But if the cookware seems to be retiring, you may consider recycling them. Almost every cookware is made from stainless steel or aluminium. They are non-ferrous metals and can be recycled to be used later. Therefore, take your cookware to a metal recycler and explore the options. 

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    When it comes to reusing certain items in your kitchen, thinking out of the box can bring amazing results. For example, using cardboard boxes to hold spices. It doesn't matter what type of item you intend to reuse. The thing is, it should ensure that you are saving the item from ending up in a landfill. It means you don't have to make frequent trips to the garbage chute. And, use a small trash can instead.


    Q1: How can I repurpose bar stools in my kitchen?
    Bar stools from other areas of your home can be brought into the kitchen to replace worn-out chairs. Consider bar stools with backrests to enhance the kitchen's aesthetic. This change can bring a fresh look to your kitchen and receive positive feedback from guests.
    Q2: What can I do with old cupboards in my kitchen?
    Instead of discarding old cupboards during a kitchen remodel, consider repurposing them. Remove the cupboard doors, inspect for damage, and apply a fresh coat of paint. You can use the cupboard in creative ways within the kitchen. Additionally, adding complementary furniture like oak dining chairs can contribute to a vibrant kitchen atmosphere.

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