End of Year Furniture Sale - Up to 25% OFF at Art Leon

Art Leon's New Year Sale features up to 25% off on elegant furniture, including dining chairs and bar stools. Use exclusive codes for extra savings. Hurry, offer ends soon!

  • By Leo Lu
  • Published on December 28, 2023

    Art Leon New Year Sale


      • A Fresh Spin on Dining
      • Deck the Bar with Savings
      • Revamp Your Decor for Less
      • Update Your Office Chairs
    • And there's more! Extra savings are available with exclusive codes:
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    As the year draws to a close, Art Leon invites you to celebrate the festivities with irresistible deals on exquisite furniture. With the holiday season already here, it's the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your home with new dining chairs, bar stools, accent chairs, and much more! Dive into the Art Leon New Year Sale that promises discounts of up to 25%.

    A Fresh Spin on Dining

    Delight your guests this holiday season with a splendid supper experience that is enhanced by Art Leon’s dining chair collection. Take advantage of markdowns on elegant seating options, such as: 

    green dining chairs

    The Art poplar dining chair set, priced from $169.99 to $439.98, combines modern design and timeless comfort to create an elegant seating solution for both contemporary restaurant settings and cozy home dining areas.

    These chairs feature foam-padded seats and ergonomically curved backrests that embrace modern aesthetics while ensuring a comfortable sit-down experience. The high-durability PU leather upholstery provides longevity and ease of care, along with an upscale textured finish that complements daily use.

    Each chair is distinctively color-matched with a unique walnut veneer, giving each piece an individual character and bespoke appeal. The harmonious design is reinforced by a robust steel base and legs finished in a sleek black powder coating, which contributes to the chairs' stability and seamlessly complements the luxurious walnut and leather materials.

    These qualities make the art poplar dining chairs a compelling purchase for those seeking to balance style, comfort, and durability in their dining spaces.

    Deck the Bar with Savings

    wooden bar stool

    The Art Leon Wooden Swivel Bar Stool is a luxurious and comfortable addition to any bar or kitchen space, blending timeless design with practical functionality. Crafted with a durable and aesthetically pleasing wooden frame, it features a versatile natural wood grain finish that suits various decor styles. The stool is equipped with a 360-degree swivel mechanism for easy conversation and access, making it ideal for both social events and quiet evenings. Its ergonomic design, comprising a contoured seat with plush cushioning and a supportive high backrest, ensures prolonged comfort. The stool is elegantly upholstered in premium fabric, available in various colors, and is accented with fine stitching, creating a harmonious and sophisticated appearance.

    Revamp Your Decor for Less

    Electric Power Lift Recliner

    Gift yourself an Art Leon Accent Chair at a fraction of the cost. The Electric Power Lift Recliner, once $899.99, can now be the centerpiece of your living room for just $799.99.

    Update Your Office Chairs

    home office chairs

    Why not work in style and comfort? Home office chairs are also part of the sale, ensuring your work from home setup is as chic as it is comfortable.

    And there's more! Extra savings are available with exclusive codes:

    • Get an extra $20 off orders over $270 with code: CS20

    • Want more? Save an additional $30 off orders over $320 using code: CS30

    • Elevate your savings with $50 off orders over $370 by applying code: CS50

    • Big spender? Enjoy $80 off orders over $420 with code: CS80 

    art leon sale coupon


    This sale runs for a limited time, and stocks are selling fast. With just a few days left, make the most of these exceptional deals to enhance your living space. Visit Art Leon's and New Year Sale page: https://artleon.com/pages/christmas-new-year-sale and Shop Now to enjoy these spectacular discounts!

    Turn the page on this year with a fresh look for your home. Art Leon's End of Year Sale isn't just a chance to save; it's an invitation to step into a new year with style and elegance that only Art Leon can offer. Happy New Year, and happy shopping! 


    Q1: What kind of discounts does the Art Leon New Year Sale offer?
    The Art Leon New Year Sale offers discounts of up to 25% on a variety of furniture items.
    Q2: What are the special features of the Art Leon poplar dining chairs?
    The Art Leon poplar dining chairs feature foam-padded seats, ergonomically curved backrests, high-durability PU leather upholstery, and a unique walnut veneer with a steel base. They are designed for both style and comfort.
    Q3: How can customers get additional savings during the Art Leon New Year Sale?
    Customers can get extra savings by using exclusive codes: $20 off on orders over $270 with code CS20, $30 off on orders over $320 with code CS30, $50 off on orders over $370 with code CS50, and $80 off on orders over $420 with code CS80.

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