Creating an Effortlessly Eclectic Look for Your Dining Room

Discover how to blend various dining chair styles for a vibrant, eclectic look. Mix materials, colors, and patterns for a personalized touch.

  • By abby tian
  • Published on November 03, 2023


      • Mix and Match Styles:
      • Combine Different Materials:
      • Play with Colors and Patterns:
      • Incorporate Different Heights:
      • Pay Attention to Proportions:
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    Classic, uniform dining room sets are on the way out, and eclectic, custom design is leading the way in. The trend of curating an eclectic mix of chairs can create a unique, personalized, and vibrant aesthetic. But how do you create an effortlessly eclectic look? For example, you could pair mid-century modern chairs with classic wood dining room chairs.

    1. Mix and Match Styles:

    Instead of opting for a uniform set of furniture, try blending different styles and periods. You may want to pair gilded French dining chairs with a sleek, contemporary glass table or mix vintage wood chairs with a simple, modern piece. You can even use bar stools at the corners of your dining table to add an unexpected twist. What is remarkable about an eclectic style is that it embraces a mixture of styles, textures, and colors — they all contribute to a beautifully composed design story.

    bar stool with backrest

    1. Combine Different Materials:

    Give your dining room depth and tactility by using various materials. Pair a rustic wooden table with transparent acrylic chairs. Blend leather bar stools with a sleek metal dining table. Or add some warmth with comfy upholstered dining chairs around a glossy marble table. The goal is to create a visual and textural feast that intrigues and invites.

    1. Play with Colors and Patterns:

    An eclectic style doesn't fear colors and patterns. Contrast brightly colored chairs with a neutral table or vice versa. Use patterned seat covers to add an element of surprise. Layer in multiple patterns remembering to balance the scale of each pattern so none dominate the space. The result will be a vibrant dining space expressing a joyful celebration of color.

    mid century dining chair
    1. Incorporate Different Heights:

    If you have a bar or counter in your dining area, you can add bar stools with backrests to create diverse seating options. These can be used to break up the space visually and add functional variety.


    1. Pay Attention to Proportions:

    While it's fun to mix things up, it's crucial that your chairs and table are in proper scale with each other. All the chairs should sit comfortably under the table and allow ample legroom.


    Creating an effortlessly eclectic dining room takes some imagination and a keen eye for style and proportion. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and let your personality shine through. Experiment, have fun with it, and create a dining room that tells your unique style story. Remember, the best designed spaces are the ones that reflect the people who live in them.  


    Q1: What is the emerging trend in dining room design according to the article?
    The emerging trend in dining room design is moving away from classic, uniform dining sets towards eclectic, custom-designed mixes of furniture. This trend involves curating an eclectic mix of chairs and blending different styles, materials, and periods to create a unique, personalized, and vibrant aesthetic.
    Q2: How can one incorporate an eclectic style into their dining room?
    To incorporate an eclectic style, one can mix and match different styles and periods of chairs, combine various materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and metal, and play with colors and patterns. Adding chairs of different heights, like bar stools with backrests, can also contribute to the eclectic style. It’s important to maintain proper scale and proportions between the chairs and the dining table.
    Q3: Why is it important to pay attention to proportions when designing an eclectic dining room?
    It's important to pay attention to proportions to ensure that the chairs and table are in proper scale with each other. This ensures that all chairs sit comfortably under the table, provide ample legroom, and maintain a cohesive look despite the mix of styles. Correct proportions are essential for both the functionality and the aesthetics of the dining room space.

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