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  • Published on April 20, 2023

    earth day

    Celebrate Earth Day in style with Art Leon Brands! We are excited to announce our Earth Day Giveaway, where you can win a stylish and eco-friendly piece of furniture from our collection. Our brand is committed to sustainability and protecting our planet, which is why we have created a giveaway that reflects our values.

    Not only are our furniture pieces beautifully designed, but they are also made using environmentally-friendly materials. We use sustainable wood, recycled plastic, and reusable packaging to help reduce waste and preserve our planet.


    Rewards Included for EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY-

    Grand Prizes (4 winners):

    • Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair
    • ArtLeon Open Backrest Desk Chair
    • Oak Legs Desk Chair
    • Set of 2 Swivel Bar Stools

    Lucky Prizes (6 winners):

    • Coupons containing $20 OFF for interior furniture & $60 OFF for outdoor furniture

    To Enter:

    1-FOLLOW @artleonfurniture and ❤Like our giveaway post.

    2-Tag 3 new friends in the comment.

    *OPTIONAL WAY that can increase your chance to win the grand prizes:
    Comment with us to share your ideas about how to take environmental actions in daily life.

    ENTER TIME: Apr 20-26


    *We will announce the result via IG STORY on Apr 27 at 0:00 GMT.

    *The winners and prizes would be randomly chosen.

    *This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.

    🍀Good luck!

    💚Everyone @ artleonfurniture

    Earth Day Civeaway


    How can I participate in Art Leon Brands' Earth Day Giveaway?
    To participate, you need to follow @artleonfurniture on Instagram and like their giveaway post. Additionally, you can tag three new friends in the comments. If you want to increase your chances of winning the grand prizes, you can also comment and share your ideas about taking environmental actions in daily life.
    What are the prizes for the Earth Day Giveaway?
    The Earth Day Giveaway offers both grand prizes and lucky prizes. The grand prizes include an Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair, an ArtLeon Open Backrest Desk Chair, an Oak Legs Desk Chair, and a Set of 2 Swivel Bar Stools. The lucky prizes consist of coupons containing $20 off for interior furniture and $60 off for outdoor furniture.

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