Are Gravitating Toward Industrial-Style Kitchens This Summer

Industrial-style kitchens embrace rustic charm and modernity, with oak dining chairs offering timeless elegance, luxury bar stools elevating ambiance, and versatile swivel chairs from Art Leon enhancing functionality.

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  • Published on August 07, 2023

    Accent Chair With Leather Seats | Art Leon

    As the seasons change, so do the trends in home design and decor. This summer, a noticeable shift is occurring in the kitchen space, with homeowners increasingly drawn to industrial-style kitchens. This style combines elements of rustic charm and sleek modernity, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. To achieve the perfect industrial kitchen, one needs to pay attention to every detail, including furniture choices. In this article, we will explore four essential styles related to industrial-style kitchens: oak dining chairs, bar stools, bar stools with backrests, and Art Leon swivel chairs. To achieve this stylish and contemporary kitchen design, we will source high-quality products from Art Leon Furniture, a reputable brand known for its commitment to craftsmanship and unique design sensibilities.


    • Oak Dining Chair: Timeless Elegance
    • Luxury Bar Stools: Elevating the Kitchen Experience
    • Bar Stool with Backrest: Embracing Comfort and Style
    • Art Leon Swivel Chairs: Embracing Modern Versatility
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    Oak Dining Chair: Timeless Elegance

    The oak dining chair is a classic piece of furniture that complements industrial-style kitchens exceptionally well. Oak wood is known for its durability, sturdiness, and timeless appeal. In an industrial setting, where raw and natural elements are key, these dining chairs add a touch of warmth and authenticity. These chairs often feature minimalist designs with clean lines, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Whether it's a robust farmhouse-style oak chair or a sleek and modern design, these pieces effortlessly blend with the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

    When sourcing these dining chairs for an industrial-style kitchen, homeowners should look for pieces that showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Chairs with visible grains and knots add character to the space. Considering the chair's finish is crucial - opting for a distressed or weathered finish can further accentuate the industrial charm. Additionally, look for chairs with distressed finishes or vintage-inspired designs to enhance the industrial charm. Art Leon offers a wide range of oak kitchen chairs, including both classic and contemporary styles, ensuring there's something to suit every homeowner's taste.

    With the rising interest in sustainable and eco-friendly choices, homeowners can also find ethically sourced oak kitchen chairs that align with their values. Choosing furniture made from responsibly harvested oak ensures a positive impact on the environment.

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    Luxury Bar Stools: Elevating the Kitchen Experience

    Bar stools are a must-have in industrial kitchens, especially for those with a kitchen island or a counter seating area. Luxury bar stools elevate the overall ambience of the kitchen, giving it a chic and sophisticated look. In industrial-style kitchens, metal bar stools with leather or cushioned seats are popular choices.

    When selecting these bar stools, homeowners should consider the height and comfort level of the stools. Counter height and bar height are two common options, so choosing the appropriate height for the kitchen island or counter is essential. Moreover, ensuring that the stools have a comfortable seat and backrest allows for extended periods of seating while entertaining guests or enjoying meals.

    Art Leon, a reputable furniture brand, offers a wide selection of these bar stools that perfectly fit the industrial design concept. With options like sleek metal frames and sumptuous leather seating, these bar stools exude both style and comfort.

    Bar Stool with Backrest: Embracing Comfort and Style

    When it comes to furnishing an industrial-style kitchen, bar stools play a crucial role in creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere. While some bar stools may lack a backrest, those with this added feature offer a blend of support and comfort that can transform the kitchen experience. In industrial-style kitchens, these bar stools not only serve as functional seating but also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

    One of the key advantages of having a backrest in a bar stool is the ergonomic support it provides. Spending extended periods in the kitchen, whether it's whipping up culinary delights or enjoying a leisurely meal with loved ones, can take a toll on our backs. The inclusion of a backrest promotes better posture and reduces strain, ensuring that you can focus on the joy of cooking and socializing without discomfort.

    For homeowners seeking bar stools with backrests for their industrial-style kitchens, Art Leon furniture offers a diverse and stylish collection. Whether you prefer the luxurious feel of leather upholstery or the modern touch of moulded plastic seats, there is a wide range of designs, materials, and colours to suit individual tastes. These backrest-equipped bar stools seamlessly blend practicality and aesthetics, making them the perfect addition to any industrial kitchen setting.

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    Art Leon Swivel Chairs: Embracing Modern Versatility

    Incorporating swivel chairs into an industrial-style kitchen brings a touch of modernity and functionality. Art Leon swivel chairs, known for their versatility and contemporary designs, add a playful yet elegant vibe to the kitchen space. 

    Swivel chairs in an industrial kitchen allow for easy movement and flexibility, making it convenient to turn and interact with others while cooking or dining. These chairs are perfect for busy family gatherings or for multitasking individuals who want to stay engaged with various activities in the kitchen.

    Art Leon's collection of swivel chairs exemplifies the perfect harmony between form and function. Combining elements such as moulded plastic, sleek metal accents, and cushioned seats, these chairs not only provide comfort but also add a touch of sophistication to the overall kitchen decor. With a variety of colours and designs available, homeowners can easily find swivel chairs that blend seamlessly with their kitchen's colour palette and overall theme. Whether you're looking to create a cosy breakfast nook, an inviting kitchen island seating, or a charming bar counter, these Swivel Chairs have got you covered.

    As homeowners gravitate toward industrial-style kitchens this summer, the importance of carefully selected seating options becomes evident. Oak dining chairs bring rugged elegance and rustic appeal, while luxury bar stools elevate the kitchen's aesthetic to new heights. Bar stools with backrests strike a perfect balance between comfort and design, catering to both practicality and style. Swivel chairs add a touch of versatility and functionality, fostering a lively and inviting atmosphere in the heart of the home. When sourcing these essential seating elements, Art Leon's collection proves to be an ideal destination, offering a wide range of designs that cater to the unique tastes of homeowners embracing the industrial kitchen trend.


    Q1: What is the industrial-style kitchen trend?
    The industrial-style kitchen trend combines elements of rustic charm with sleek modernity. This style emphasizes raw and natural elements, creating an inviting and unique atmosphere. It often incorporates exposed brick, raw wood, metal accents, and minimalist designs.
    Q2: Why are oak dining chairs recommended for an industrial-style kitchen?
    Oak dining chairs are recommended because of their durability, sturdiness, and timeless appeal. They add warmth and authenticity to the kitchen. The visible grains and knots in oak wood also add character and complement the raw and natural elements of the industrial style.
    Q3: How do I choose the right bar stool for my kitchen?
    Consider the height of your kitchen island or counter when selecting a bar stool. There are typically two heights available: counter height and bar height. Ensure the stools have a comfortable seat, and a backrest is preferred for extended periods of seating. Materials like metal and leather or cushioned seats are popular choices for industrial-style kitchens.

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