A Cleaning Feast: 7 Things You Should Declutter Before Thanksgiving

Prepare your home for Thanksgiving by decluttering key areas: kitchenware, pantry, fridge, countertops, dining space, entryway, and guest rooms. Create a tidy, welcoming atmosphere for guests and enjoy a comfortable, serene holiday environment.

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  • Published on November 06, 2023

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    • 1. Kitchenware Galore
      • Bar Stools with Backrest:
      • Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs:
    • 2. The Pantry Inventory
    • 3. The Refrigerator Clean-Up
    • 4. Conquer The Countertops
    • 5. Delightful Dining Area
    • 6. Welcome Entryway & Coat Closet
    • 7. Guest Rooms and Bathrooms
    • In Conclusion
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    Roll out the red carpet for the holiday season by preparing your home for Thanksgiving. One essential not-to-skip chore is decluttering your space. Doing so will not only ensure that your environment is tidy and welcoming for guests, but it will also help maintain a light, clear atmosphere for you to enjoy the holiday to its full. Here are seven key areas to focus on decluttering before the Thanksgiving celebrations begin:

    1. Kitchenware Galore

    The kitchen is the heart of Thanksgiving festivities. Start by sifting through your kitchenware. Remove excess or rarely used dishes, utensils, and appliances because less clutter equals more space for cooking and serving the traditional feast. Freshen up your cabinets and drawers, creating a clean slate for your culinary adventure.

    • Bar Stools with Backrest:

    Many modern homes boast bar stools with backrests, which are comfortably poised around kitchen islands or breakfast counters providing casual seating. Before Thanksgiving, consider reassessing your bar stools. Remove those that are wobbly, damaged, or generally uncomfortable and replace them with ones that offer both comfort and style, ensuring that your guests relax while being part of the cooking process.

    • Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs:

    Before the Thanksgiving feast begins, take stock of your mid-century modern dining chairs. These pieces, known for their minimalist design and elegant charm, may have seen their fair share of use over the years. If they're in a rough state or simply don't match your current style, consider decluttering them from your dining space. Replacing them with new, comfortable chairs that preserve the mid-century appeal can significantly elevate your Thanksgiving dinner experience.

    2. The Pantry Inventory

    An overlooked section often brimming with clutter is the pantry. This is a good time to audit items, remove expired food products, and organize the remaining ones. You may also find non-perishable items that you no longer need, which can be donated. A neat pantry means easier access to ingredients while preparing the Thanksgiving dinner.

    3. The Refrigerator Clean-Up

    The refrigerator is going to be the workhorse on Thanksgiving. Clear out any expired or unused food items and wipe clean the shelves and drawers. A thorough overhaul of your refrigerator not only creates more space for the Thanksgiving goodies but also ensures a more hygienic environment to store food.

    4. Conquer The Countertops

    Countertops often become landing spots for everything from mail to kitchen gadgets. Clear the counters, store away rarely used appliances, and make space for that pumpkin pie prep or cooling the turkey.

    5. Delightful Dining Area

    Your dining area will be the center of attraction during the meal. Remove any clutter or unnecessary adornments from your dining table and sideboards. A minimal and clean look allows your Thanksgiving centerpiece and settings to take the limelight, creating a pleasant dining experience.

    6. Welcome Entryway & Coat Closet

    As you prepare to welcome your guests, declutter your entryway and make space for their belongings. The same applies to the coat closet—remove excess coats or items that may take up valuable space. An organized entryway sets the tone for your gathering by offering a warm, inviting atmosphere.

    7. Guest Rooms and Bathrooms

    If you're expecting overnight guests, clear out guest rooms and spruce up the bathroom. Remove any personal items or unnecessary clutter from dressers, bedside tables, and bathroom counters. A decluttered guest space will make your loved ones feel truly welcome and comfortable.

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    In Conclusion

    Decluttering your household is a great way to lighten both the house and your mind, creating a serene atmosphere optimal for enjoying the holiday to its fullest. It might seem like a daunting task, but the results are undeniably rewarding and well worth the effort. So throw on your favorite tunes, grab a decluttering buddy, and get your home ready for a heartfelt Thanksgiving celebration.


    Q1: What is a crucial step to prepare your home for Thanksgiving, as mentioned in the article?
    Decluttering your space is an essential step to make your environment tidy and welcoming for guests, and to maintain a clear atmosphere for enjoying the holiday.
    Q2: Which areas of the home should be focused on for decluttering before Thanksgiving?
    Key areas for decluttering include the kitchenware, pantry, refrigerator, countertops, dining area, entryway and coat closet, and guest rooms and bathrooms.
    Q3: What are the benefits of decluttering your home for Thanksgiving?
    Decluttering helps create a serene atmosphere in the home, making it more enjoyable and comfortable for both hosts and guests during the Thanksgiving celebration.

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