8 Ideas on How to Decorate with Metallics for the Holidays

Transform your holiday home with metallic elements for charm and sophistication. Learn 8 ways to use metallics, from table runners to wreaths, and create an inviting, festive atmosphere. Perfect for memorable gatherings. Add elegance to your holiday decor now!

  • By abby tian
  • Published on October 29, 2023
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    • Add a Metallic Runner to Your Dining Table
    • Hang Metallic Ornaments on Your Christmas Tree
    • Place Metallic Accents on Your Mantel
    • Add Metallic Pillows to Your Sofa
    • Hang Metallic Garland on Your Staircase
    • Place a Metallic Wreath on Your Front Door
    • Use Metallic Wrapping Paper for Your Gifts
    • Set the Table with Metallic Tableware
    • Final Thoughts
    • FAQs

    The holiday season is a time when we all want to transform our homes into warm and inviting spaces that exude charm and festivity. One fantastic way to achieve this is by incorporating metallic elements into your holiday decor. Metallic can add a touch of glamour and sophistication, elevating the overall ambience of your home. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore eight creative ideas on how to decorate with metallics for the holidays. 

    1. Add a Metallic Runner to Your Dining Table

    A beautiful and practical way to introduce metallic into your holiday décor is by using a metallic table runner. Whether you're hosting a large family gathering or an intimate dinner, a metallic runner can instantly elevate your table setting. Picture a scene where a bar stool with a backrest allows guests to sit comfortably, or perhaps you have adjustable-height bar stools that accommodate different ages, ensuring everyone can enjoy the festive meal together. The shimmering metallic runner adds a touch of elegance and glamour, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. 

    To maintain a cohesive look, select a metallic runner that complements the colour scheme of your tablecloths and placemats. Alternatively, for a bolder statement, choose a metallic runner in a contrasting colour, allowing you to experiment with various textures and finishes to create an engaging table setting that's perfect for the holiday feast.

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    1. Hang Metallic Ornaments on Your Christmas Tree

    The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of holiday decor, and metallic ornaments can be a wonderful addition to your tree. Picture the tree adorned with gleaming baubles and adjustable height bar stools placed around it, where children and adults alike can gather to appreciate the shimmering spectacle. Metallic ornaments, available in various shapes and sizes, add sparkle and shine to your tree. 

    Don't hesitate to mix and match different metallic finishes, such as gold, silver, and bronze, to create a captivating and visually stimulating display. Your tree will become a true holiday focal point, reflecting the joy and spirit of the season.

    1. Place Metallic Accents on Your Mantel

    Your mantel provides the perfect canvas to showcase metallic accents and add an extra layer of luxury to your holiday decor. Imagine a mantel adorned with a metallic vase filled with fresh holiday flowers or greenery, providing a touch of opulence to the room. Alternatively, consider placing a metallic mirror or candelabra on the mantel, which enhances the overall charm of your space. 

    To complete the festive look, hang metallic stockings from the mantel, signifying the anticipation of holiday gifts. As guests gather around the fireplace, they will be welcomed by a shimmering and festive atmosphere, thanks to these carefully chosen metallic accents.

    1. Add Metallic Pillows to Your Sofa

    The living room is often the heart of holiday gatherings, and this is where metallic pillows come into play. These pillows are perfect for enhancing your living room decor and adding a touch of sophistication. Imagine a scene where mid-century modern dining chairs with metallic accents are placed around the room, and your sofa is adorned with these eye-catching metallic pillows. Metallic pillows can be selected in colours that complement your existing furniture or in contrasting shades to create a bold statement. Mixing and matching various metallic finishes allows you to achieve a unique look that complements your holiday decor and can seamlessly transition into your everyday style.

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    1. Hang Metallic Garland on Your Staircase

    The staircase is an often-overlooked area that can become a beautiful focal point for your holiday decor. To achieve this, you can adorn your staircase with metallic garland, creating an eye-catching display that spans the length of your stairs. By securing the garland well, you ensure it stays in place, providing a festive touch to your home. Additionally, consider adding metallic ornaments or bows to the garland to make it even more captivating. As guests descend the staircase, they'll be greeted by a shimmering holiday display, enhancing the overall holiday spirit.

    1. Place a Metallic Wreath on Your Front Door

    The front door is your home's first impression for guests during the holiday season. A metallic wreath provides a warm and inviting welcome. Imagine a scenario where a metallic wreath, matching the style of your adjustable height bar stools in the kitchen, adorns your front door. Select a wreath that complements the colour scheme of your exterior decor, and don't forget to add metallic ornaments or bows for an extra festive touch. As guests arrive, they will be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere and know they've arrived at a place where the holiday spirit thrives.

    1. Use Metallic Wrapping Paper for Your Gifts

    Gift wrapping is an essential part of the holiday season, and metallic wrapping paper can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your presents. As you gather your family around the dining table, set with metallic tableware and mid-century modern dining chairs with metallic accents, you can present beautifully wrapped gifts. 

    Go for wrapping paper that complements your gift tags and other wrapping accessories for a cohesive look. To elevate the festive presentation, incorporate metallic ribbons or bows into your gift wrapping. The sparkling gifts become an integral part of your holiday decor, radiating charm and warmth.

    1. Set the Table with Metallic Tableware

    A well-set table can elevate the holiday dining experience to a whole new level. Incorporating metallic tableware is an excellent way to infuse your tablescape with glamour and sophistication. Imagine a scenario where guests are comfortably seated on bar stools with backrests, gathered around a table set with metallic plates, silverware, and glasses. 

    These metallic elements add a sense of luxury to your holiday meal. To complete the look, include metallic placemats or napkins to create a more festive ambience. As friends and family gather for a delightful holiday feast, the table becomes a central element of your holiday decor, reflecting warmth and festivity.

    Final Thoughts

    Decorating with metallics during the holidays allows you to infuse your home with charm, glamour, and sophistication. By implementing the eight creative ideas mentioned in this article, you can create a festive and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for memorable gatherings with loved ones. Whether you're adding metallic elements to your table settings, Christmas tree, mantel, sofa, staircase, front door, gift wrapping, or dining table, these touches will enhance the overall holiday ambience. Remember to use metallics in moderation, mix and match different finishes, and most importantly, have fun with the decorating process. 


    Q1: What is a simple yet effective way to introduce metallic elements into holiday dining decor?
    A practical and beautiful method is using a metallic table runner. It instantly elevates the table setting and adds elegance, especially when paired with comfortable seating like bar stools with backrests or adjustable-height stools for guests.
    Q2: How can metallic accents be used to enhance the holiday atmosphere around a fireplace?
    Metallic accents can be beautifully displayed on a mantel. Placing a metallic vase filled with holiday flowers, a metallic mirror, or a candelabra can add luxury to the decor. Additionally, hanging metallic stockings from the mantel contributes to a shimmering and festive environment.
    Q3: What are some ways to incorporate metallic elements into the overall holiday home decor?
    Metallic elements can be incorporated in various ways: hanging metallic ornaments on the Christmas tree, adding metallic pillows to sofas, draping metallic garland on staircases, placing a metallic wreath on the front door, using metallic wrapping paper for gifts, and setting the table with metallic tableware. These touches create a festive, inviting atmosphere and enhance the charm and sophistication of holiday decorations.

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