Add Autumn Flare Like a Designer Where it's Least Expected

From the entryway to the kitchen, embracing the charm and warmth of the season in often overlooked spaces can turn your entire home into a cozy autumn haven. Happy decorating!

  • By YL CHEN
  • Published on September 25, 2023

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    15 Undervalued Areas Designers Believe You Missed Decorating for Autumn

    As the leaves change colors and the weather cools, it's the perfect time to celebrate the vibrant hues and cozy aesthetics that Fall brings. While you might have already decorated your living room and front porch, there are several less-expected spaces that can be enhanced with some seasonal charm. 

    1. Entryway: It's not just about the outside; welcome your guests with tastefully decorated console tables, hang fall-themed wreaths, or set a large decorative wooden bowl filled with rustic fall elements.
    1. Foyer Table: A fall-themed centerpiece, neutral-colored table runner, or small pumpkins can instantly change the whole look to fit the season.
    1. Staircase: Spruce them up with garlands of fall leaves, or decorate the handrails with soft orange or gold lights.
    1. Fireplace & Mantel: Showcase assortments of autumnal decorations, perhaps dried flowers, miniature pumpkins or candles in warm colors, to set a cozy atmosphere.
    1. Kitchen Shelves & Counters: Adding smaller decor like fall-themed dish towels, and decorative storage jars can bring a touch of autumn to your kitchen instantly.
    1. Bathroom: The bathroom is often forgotten. Small changes such as swapping out regular towels for fall-colored ones or adding autumn scented soap can align this room with the season.
    1. Dining Room: Create an enchanting atmosphere with acorn and autumn-leaf table runners or a dried foliage centerpieces.
    1. Home Office: A simple placeholder of pumpkin scented candles or a vase of dried flowers can bring Fall's warmth into your workspace.
    1. Windowsills: Decorate them with miniature pumpkins, colorful fall foliage, or small candles to bring the outdoors in.
    1. Bedroom: Changing out bedding for fall colors, adding a chunky knit throw, hanging leaf-shaped fairy lights creates a cozy, fall-inspired sanctuary.
    1. Powder Room: A simple seasonal soap dispenser, a couple of warm-toned hand towels, or an autumn-leaf adorned mirror can make a world of difference.
    1. Guest Rooms: Accentuate with fall-themed throw pillows or autumnal flower arrangements to make your guests feel more at home.
    1. Shelves & Bookcases: Arrange a few fall-colored books, or add small harvest decorations.
    1. Laundry Room: Autumn-themed detergent and fabric softener, a small decorative pumpkin, or rustic-style baskets can add some charm.
    1. Outdoor Spaces: Don't forget your garden, deck, or patio. Potted mums, a garland of autumn leaves, or a pumpkin-themed outdoor rug can create a welcoming outdoor fall environment.

    Mid-Century Autumn Kitchen Decor with A Twist

    The kitchen, traditionally a space of warmth and comfort, is an excellent place to give your décor a seasonal update. Adding a mid-century modern flair to your kitchen during Fall can result in a stylish, yet cozy space that adds a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

    Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs: Pull in the essence of the 1950s' design aesthetics using mid-century modern dining chairs. They are known for their clean lines, subtle curves, and simple, functional forms— a perfect blend of style and comfort. Opt for upholstered chairs in warm autumnal tones such as burnt orange, mustard yellows, or deep reds that mimic the changing foliage.

    Mid-Century Dining Chair: Incorporating a mid-century dining chair at the kitchen table incorporates a vintage but timeless design aesthetic, amplifying the Fall feeling. Choose chairs with wooden elements to represent the rustic appeal of the fall season. You may consider chairs with textured upholstery materials such as wool or tweed for a cozy, plush finish.

    Rattan Dining Chair: Another excellent choice for encapsulating the mid-century modern trend in your fall decor is by incorporating rattan dining chairs. They bring in an element of nature, aligning with the theme of autumn. The woven rattan, coupled with rich, fall-themed cushions or throws, can create an understated yet elegant look.

    Accessorizing in this style revolves around minimal and natural aspects— consider setting your table with a centerpiece composed of pumpkins, colorful gourds, and dried autumn leaves. Keep things simple, organic, and warm.

    When it comes to lighting, balance the vintage feel with warm ambient lighting. Lantern-style pendant lights or metal sconces with orange and yellow bulbs reflect the nature of the season and keep the mid-century modern theme consistent.

    Your mid-century autumn kitchen decor should tie together the theme of fall with the simple and straightforward lines of mid-century modern design, making your kitchen not only a place for culinary creations but also a space that reflects the beauty of the season.  

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    Decorating for Fall is all about embracing the charm and warmth of the season. By turning your attention to these often overlooked spaces, you can weave a fall theme throughout your entire home.

    Happy Decorating!  🧸🧸

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